Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PSA: Tawkify, A New Opportunity To Be Judged And Rejected By Entitled Princesses!

Just a shorty boosting the venerable Ferd Bardamu's post about Tawkify over at Mala Fide.  You can read the whole thing there -- I encourage it -- but the bare bones is that a woman created a new dating site designed to screen out all the "losers" for a woman, but doesn't afford the same privilege to a male member.  In return for fifteen bucks, you get a couple of phone numbers of women that will call you after they've seen your picture and decided they're interested . . . but where you don't get to see their picture at all.  It's blatantly sexist and misandrous, and you should definitely caution all of your single dude friends against participating.  There are far better date sites out there that don't subject you to pre-rejection, prejudgement and personal criticism before you even get to see your date's face.

Seriously, dudes.  You don't have to put up with this.  Have some self-respect.  And don't give this woman a dime of your money.

UPDATE: Good posts about the evils of Tawkify here, here, here, here,  here, and here.

Oh, and feel free to go over and leave a comment on the original Elle article:


  1. I just realized... the website is (drum roll) beata beat.

  2. I wish them "Plenty Of Fish" - and no Bicycles.

  3. What's the big deal? No guy with an SR over 5 would participate if they can't see what the women look like. The princesses can fight over them all they want. When they realize there are no quality guys using the service, it will fold like a cheap suit. And they'll be even more desperate, lowering their value. Gentlemen, you are the prize and quality guys are getting scarcer every day and better with age. The market takes care of itself.

  4. "Gentlemen, you are the prize and quality guys are getting scarcer every day and better with age. The market takes care of itself."

    One thing that I have observed about women WRT their fear of aging is that they HATE losing their ability to gleefully reject men.
    But then the question becomes, "what man in his right mind would want THEM?"

    One excellent piece of advice was a comment that I saw online by Anonymous:
    "The best revenge is for a man to be successful, physically fit, and interesting.
    And then not date.
    As women begin to realize the damage they've caused, watching a good man go to ‘waste’ will just bring it home to them.
    The kind of guy they used to reject, they now want to date/marry. And he is now unavailable to her or anyone.
    They had their chance but were too interested in sport-fcking "attractive" a-holes.
    Too bad, so sad.“

    It's so true -- become the man that they want, and then give them back the treatment that they so gleefully dished out: don't date them, don't marry them, and (above all) refuse to have children by them.
    In fact, have only necessary contact with them.

    This is not revenge -- this is retribution and Justice. Both of which are long overdue.

  5. wow. i'm a man, straight, and these comments strike me as a parade of insecure little penises. most guys i know have no need for tawkify (we are successful and attractive) but it sounds like a fun proposition (since we also have very little free time), and so I'll happily use it. If the woman that runs it has the ability to filter, more power to her. Tawkify will rise or fall on her ability to match.