The Masculexicon

A Lexicon of Terms-Of-Art From The Manosphere


Don't just breeze by and act appalled - the Manosphere is about Men seeking to make themselves better Men . . . according to their own interests.  If you're looking for rampant misogyny, you'll be disappointed.  If you're looking for realistic means of coping with today's complex and difficult relationship challenges, you've come to the right place. And no, this place WELCOMES Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Omegas, with a h/t to the Lambdas.  ALL men and women of good will are welcome in the Red Pill Room.  The goal is not to BECOME an Alpha Male, the goal is to understand the underlying principles of male-female interactions in a way that is ultimately productive to both . . . but with the goal of pursuing masculine interests and issues foremost.)

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Dominant modes or behaviors designed by evolution (or God, depending on what flavor of Kool Aide you like) to inspire raw sexual attraction in a mate.

Alpha Male

A male with dominant sexual mannerisms or characteristics; often highly sought-after by females. (SEE: BULL ALPHA, WOLF ALPHA)

Alpha Female

 A female with dominant sexual characteristics and mannerisms, often great beauty, attractive features, and aggressive sexuality.  Alpha Females are often prized by men, but are almost universally "high maintenance" with a decided hypergamous streak.

"Attention Whore"

A woman who receives an emotional charge (Dopamine) from being the center of attention, particularly male attention.  Often these women strongly object to their mate's attention going anywhere but on her, and as a result they frequently manufacture one "crisis" after another to invite repeated attention-laden rescues.  Attention Whores often attract White Knights into their dysfunctional webs.

Batshit Crazy

A term used in the Manosphere to describe a woman (or, more occasionally, a man) on whom using Game is wasted due to the fact that they are, indeed, Batshit Crazy.  Being in a relationship with a Batshit Crazy woman (or, more occasionally, a man) is often worse than being in no relationship.


Less dominant modes of behavior, designed to project comfort and security as opposed to sexual attraction.  Typically, behaviors designed to inspire the production of the hormone Oxytocin in women.

Beta Man
A male who often has a strong history as a provider, but who lacks the personal qualities and characteristics that women find most sexually appealing.  Frequently known as "My Ex-Husband".

Blue Pill

The subconscious pattern of behaviors, often informed by feminism, feminists, and mainstream society, that encourages men to forego traditionally and truly masculine behavior and attitudes in favor of those in which capitulation to female whimsy -- even when it is contrary his own interests -- is employed as a default.  ALTERNATE: A determination to cling to an idealized and unrealistic set of ideals despite the fact that they are clearly dysfunctional and contra-survival.

Example: "Yeah, Rich is crashing and burning out yet another relationship because he won't stand up for himself.  He's worried he'll offend his girlfriend or something.  Instead she just dumps his ass in six months and looks for a dude with a spine who won't kiss her ass.  Rich is a serious Blue Pill junkie." 

Bull Alpha
An Alpha Male who focuses on personal empire-building, amassing a fortune or a great deal of success, and keeping a harem of willing women in his life from which to get sexual satisfaction.  Bull Alphas rarely commit, and when they do they often cheat.  They are, however, often either wealthy or powerful or both.


The "Captain/First Officer" model of married dominance popularized by Athol Kay in Married Man Sex Life, a fundamental of Married Game.  C/FO demonstrates a model in which the dominant party is not inherently domineering or self-serving, but who has assumed and enforced a leadership role in regards to his spouse.


A primary attraction cue for both men and women.  In men, Charisma involves projecting an attitude of calm self-assuredness combined with confidence and "coolness" -- lack of perturbability.  


"Display of High Value", an action or comment that demonstrates a person's mating credentials in a positive light.  Driving a Maserati or having a C-cup are both Displays of High (Alpha) Value.  Changing a baby or fixing a tire are Displays of High (Beta) Value.


A Beta male who emotionally and financially props up a single mother while she’s secretly waiting for an Alpha to appear and ride her home ... hard.


"Display of Low Value", an action or comment that demonstrates a person's mating credentials in a negative light.  Driving a smoking pile of scrap or being flatchested is an (Alpha) DLV, while ripping your shirt off and showing your boobs to the entire bar and putting soda pop into a baby's bottle are (Beta) DLVs.

The Game technique of overtly or covertly suggesting to a woman that you are considering ending the relationship if her behavior doesn't improve.


The neurotransmitter responsible for the behavioral reward reflex in your brain.  In women, observing Alpha behavior typically increases Dopamine levels and raises sexual excitement.

"Entitlement Princess"

A woman who believes she deserves certain things just because she has girly parts.

Useage: "I just heard that Entitlement Princess over there actually say out loud 'I’m a woman therefore I deserve a gorgeous, successful, and confident man no matter what I have to offer in return.' No, Dude, she really said it!"


An ideology of gynocentric exceptionalism originally designed to establish legal and social equality for women in the Industrial Age, but which transformed into an ideology of collective male punishment, female aggrandizement, and de facto female supremacy under the cover of equality and equity.  Currently intellectually moribund, perhaps due to its inability to rectify impossible ideals with the practical reality of gender and sexuality in the West, feminism continues to lose credibility even with its core demographic.  Often cited as the responsible agency behind the loss of male power, feminism should more rightly be considered an inevitable and painful symptom of the transition from an Agriculturally-based economy to a post-Industrial based economy.


Game term used to describe the ability to control the over-all structure of a seduction conversation, "framing" it in such terms that sex is the natural and ultimate conclusion of every conversation.

Fitness Test

The act of a woman requesting something from a man within the bounds of the relationship in an effort to determine their relative SRs towards each other.
"It can be quite purposeful and conscious testing, or it can be extremely unconscious testing that just springs up from nowhere. Suddenly she just feels something negative and the man must do something to alter the way she feels to positive. Typically these tests start fairly small, but over time they can grow larger and more demanding. The obvious intervention here is for the man to jump up and comply with her request and that does appease her… at first.The problem lies in that Fitness Testing is the social equivalent of a sonar ping to determine social status."

The subconscious goal of the Fitness Test is to establish to what lengths a given male will subject himself to the whim of the woman in question, with the understanding that firm boundaries and rejection of said tests if the male deems them unreasonable actually adds to the female's perception of his Relative Sex Rank.  Also known as "Shit Tests".


The degree to which a spouse or significant other is replaceable.

Game (or, "The Game")

Game is the conscious and articulated simulation of the attitudes and behavior of successful individuals in order to achieve better results than one has hitherto experienced. (VOX DAY)

Game can be considered a mixture of applied scientific theory about evolutionary biology, applied social dynamics, NLP, and general observations of female behavior used for the express purpose of having sex with a willing female by managing the mental and emotional obstacles she has placed in your way.

Alternate Definitions and Commentary:

"The guiding principle of Game is that women will always rationalize their attraction, and by corollary their lack of attraction, in social acceptable terms to themselves and to others. " -- Der Hahn

"That’s really what game is — the active transformation of your personality from mundane to mesmerizing, based on a conceptual foundation derived from evolutionary biology and real world feedback that the male personality attributes which most women find sexually attractive are identifiable, objective and acquirable." -- Heartiste


Golden Ratio

The Game strategy of giving a woman 2/3 of everything she gives you in return. 

From The Sixteen Commandments of Poon:

"For every three calls or texts, give her two back. Three declarations of love earn two in return. Three gifts; two nights out. Give her two displays of affection and stop until she has answered with three more. When she speaks, you reply with fewer words. When she emotes, you emote less. The idea behind the golden ratio is twofold — it establishes your greater value by making her chase you, and it demonstrates that you have the self-restraint to avoid getting swept up in her personal dramas."

Hand (or, "Having Hand"):

The state of having leverage in relation to your partner within the terms of the relationship.  

Women often assert "Hand" by dressing provocatively, flirtatious behavior, or strong sexual innuendo designed to control the sexual desires of the man in question.  

Men assert "Hand" by strong displays of dominance, ignoring appeals to his sexuality from a provocatively-dressed woman, and denying her power over him by ignoring her attempts at emotional manipulation.  In the face of such challenges, many women often surrender "Hand" and accept masculine management.  

Relationships in which the man has Hand over the woman are often more stable, long-term, than relationships where the woman consistently has Hand over the man.


The tendency for a woman to seek to bind the highest-quality, highest-status male with the strongest Alpha qualities she can find into a lasting relationship . . . until a higher-status, higher-quality male comes along, at which point she will abandon the first male (regardless of his performance) in favor of the second, stronger candidate.  (SEE: RATIONALIZATION HAMSTER)

Indicator of Interest (IOI)

A verbal or non-verbal cue from a member of the opposite-sex indicating that they are sexually attracted to you.  Common female IOIs include hair flipping, baring the neck, extended eye contact, smiling, blushing, lint-picking, laughing at your atrociously bad jokes, etc.


The ability to inspire interest in a woman through obfuscated and evasive language, giving her just enough information for her Hamster to Spin her conclusions out of control.  When a woman stops feeling intrigue about her man, then she starts needing a dopamine fix.

Manosphere, The

A collection of blogs and discussion forums revolving around the varied interests of men and masculine culture, including but not limited to websites dealing with sex, marriage, divorce, cars, sports, porn, power tools, guns, boats, and pretty much any other thing men like.

Male Action Plan (MAP):

Term coined by Athol Kay (Married Man Sex Life) for a male re-valorizing his personal masculinity in an effort to re-attract his wife to him.

Married Game

Pioneered by Athol Kay (Married Man Sex Life blog), GamingMyWife, and Game for Marriage, Married Game is the adaption and translation of basic Single Game principals to the fulfillment of a long-term relationship.

MGTOW or "Men Going Their Own Way"

The masculine philosophy that the best approach to life involves perceiving it as an essentially personal and solo endeavor, without the benefit of the hindrance or assistance of womankind. MGTOW are unlikely to marry, often have powerful career ambitions, and devote their time towards leisure or self-improvement -- but not with the goal of attracting a mate. Therefore MGTOW often inspire negative reactions in feminists and other women who see them as "Peter Pans", commitment-phobic or perpetual adolescents because they refuse to knuckle under to feminist paradigms, get married, get divorced, and give a woman a house.

Men's Rights Advocates (MRA)

A portion of the Manosphere dedicate to the reform of anti-male custody, divorce, visitation and alimony laws.  Often these men are demonized by feminists for espousing the opinion that men can face injustice, as men.


Negatively-phrased "compliments" designed to simultaneously flatter and subtly insult a woman in order to arouse her interest in a man.  Often using a woman's appearance, behavior and self-esteem as leverage, Negs frequently get a caustic immediate response . . . but are also frequently followed with higher Indicators of Interest.  Negs work on the psychology that female hypergamy and sexual interest is actively invoked when a woman is presented with an ostensibly higher-ranked male who places her in a slightly negative social context.  In other words, his apparent disdain combined with apparent interest forces the woman into the conflicting position of actively opposing a man who she is verbally defending herself with.  Negs are a power-play, and can come in both soft and hard varieties.  Over-use is common and detrimental to Game, but selected Negs can buff a man's RSR quickly.

"Nuking The Hamster"

"When a man has to directly confront a woman’s Rationalization Hamster and knock it out off its wheel with carefully constructed words and phrases. It’s an insult, to be sure. But it’s an insult that wields Red Pill wisdom and is not just some random put-down."

“You’re not attractive enough to expect George Clooney to interrupt his schedule.”
“Yo, Princess, get over yourself, you don’t deserve Prince Charming.”

It can also be much more subtle:

“So, how many cats do you have?”

Nuking the hamster will very likely end the conversation. The response will likely be anger, annoyance at the very least. Nuking the hamster is not Charisma, it is certainly impolite and strictly reserved for hopeless women who simply refuse to understand that they must bring something to the dating/relationship table. (SEE: RATIONALIZATION HAMSTER)


The fallacy that Fate, God, or capricious Fortune has created only one possible soulmate in all of humanity for you, and without her your existence is meaningless. Oneitis, left untreated, often results in increased Betacization.

Patriarchy, The

The social and political "rule by fathers", a hallmark of the Agricultural Age which feminists blame for all of the world's ills.  Thanks to subversive pressure and the reform of divorce laws, the Patriarchy was effectively overthrown as the dominant cultural institution around 1975.


Using an outrageous piece of garb or accessory to attract attention in a large social environment with the express purpose of eliciting a positive sexual response in women.  Often associated with the Mystery Method of Single Game.

Pick Up Artist (PUA)

A crude and inelegant term for a man who has mastered Single Game to the point where he is able to have sex with different women a reasonable number of times without commitment.

Plate Spinning

The Single Game strategy of having multiple potential sex partners available at any one time, so that you do not become dependent or at the mercy of any particular woman.  Often perfected by Bull Alphas, who keep soft harems of women spinning at all times.


The effect on a female observer when an attractive female pays you attention.  Women tend to become more interested and increase the Relative Sex Rank of an observed male when he gains social proof of his worthiness by the preselection of another female.  Preselection is an excellent method of buffing your SR, whether you are in a relationship or not.

Puerarchy, The

As a consequence of the feminist-led liberalization of divorce laws in the 1960s and 1970s, the post-industrial generation of boys born during this period and afterwards lacked strong paternal elements to guide them, instruct them, and bring them into full mature masculinity, as they became estranged from their fathers due to divorce and hypergamy.  Without such guidance the boys "grew up", but did not become successful adult males.  Instead of becoming well-behaved little Betas, as the feminists had planned, these boys focused on computers, video games, sports and porn.  While the desire to be brought into maturity is strong with these "guys", the disincentives in the system for doing so are powerful, convincing most men to delay marriage or put it off entirely.  The Puerarchy is that sub-culture of independent men whose mission in life is to please its own sensibilities, from sex to alcohol to career.  They are also known as "lost boys", "peter pans", "commitmentphobes" and other attempts at shaming.  It is elements of the Puerarchy who first began to develop a systemized approach to male mating strategies, otherwise known as "Game".

Rationalization Hamster

"The rationalization hamster is an analogy for the thought processes used by women to turn bad behavior and bad decisions into acceptable ones to herself and her friends. When a woman makes a bad decision, the hamster spins in its wheel (the woman’s thinking) and creates some type of acceptable reasons for that bad decision. The crazier the decision, the faster the hamster must spin in order to successfully rationalize away the insanity."

Red Pill
The conscious decision of an adult male to eschew the poor returns and disappointment that capitulating to feminine whims incurs in our society and instead cultivate truly masculine values and behaviors in an effort to improve himself, his life, his happiness, his family, and his society.


Actively searching for quality females with whom to mate.  Named after a cat.

Sexual Market Place (SMP), The

The theoretical construct that places men and women in a "marketplace" in which they offer their desirability as either a long-term or short term mate.  "Speed Dating" is the SMP taken to its reducto ab absurdum.

Sex Rank

The arbitrarily-assigned "score" of your attractiveness to members of the opposite sex, usually on a scale of 1-10.    Sex Rank can be "buffed" by either gender in various ways.  Women's SR is often dependent upon their outward appearance, beauty and fitness.  A Man's SR is often dependent on his physicial presence, his confidence, and his income. 

Related terms:
Objective Sex Rank (OSR): Your Sex Rank based only on your outward appearance and basic vital statistics -- how you would look to someone on paper or on a dating site who didn't know you.  A good place to start is here.

Relative Sex Rank (RSR):  Your Sex Rank (SR) in relation to that of your spouse.  For instance, while a husband may only have an Objective Sex Rank of 5 (based on outward appearance, income, and overt charisma) to his more-attractive wife (SR:7) his Relative Sex Rank is three points higher due to her attraction to his humor, his affection, and the longevity of their union (+3=RSR8).  In most successful Red Pill relationships, the male RSR is at least a point higher than the female RSR.



Roissey's classic basic text on Game, involving a series of general rules-of-thumb that, when employed consistently, yield to a far higher number of successful seductions.  


The contention, usually made by a woman when her actions are compared to those of other women in a generalization, that she is somehow different and unique and not subject to the same influences as other women due to a) her enlightened perspective b) her unique experience or c) her dogged determination not to follow the herd.

In point of fact, while there are always going to be exceptions to any generalization about women, even women who "snowflake" (as in "I'm a unique individual, like a snowflake!") are subject to the whims of statistical evidence just like everyone else. Despite this, observations of female aggregate behavior over time reveal the old saying is likely true: "While the race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong . . . that's the safe way to bet."


Solipsism is the philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist. Solipsism as an epistemological position holds that knowledge of anything outside one's own mind is suspect. The external world and other minds cannot be known, and might not even exist outside the mind. As a metaphysical position, solipsism goes further to the conclusion that the world and other minds do not exist. As such it is the only epistemological position that, by its own postulate, is both irrefutable and yet indefensible in the same manner.  Solipsism is a common subconscious philosophy adopted by many women who see the world only in the ways it will affect themselves.

"Women’s solipsism and emotional wiring is generally the primary conduit through which problem solving and opinion formulation occurs. That’s not to say that women lack the capacity to be just as rational as men, but it is to say that this solipsistic logic is the innate filter that must be cognitively repressed when arriving at a rational solution to a problem." -- Rollo Tomassi
Solipsism among women has led to the oft-quoted Red Pill maxim,  “Never believe what a woman says, believe what she does.”

White Knight

A Blue Pill male who has accepted the idea that women are innately superior and deserve unwavering male protection regardless of their behavior or circumstances.  Frequently this ideal will inspire a White Knight to attempt to socially redeem a woman of low SMP value.   Due to the attraction White Knights have for damsels in distress, they frequently attract Attention Whores.

Wolf Alpha

An Alpha Male who focuses on personal family-building, seeking the highest quality female to be the mother of his children possible, and then maintaining a (often starkly monogamous) sexual and personal relationship with this woman for the purposes of domestic stability and long-term success of the offspring.  Wolf Alphas are often seen as community leaders, Scoutmasters, and devoted family men.  Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between a Wolf Alpha and a married Beta from a distance, but personal experience will usually settle the matter.  Wolf Alphas are often fanatically devoted to their families.  They are highly desired by Wolf Alpha females and strong Beta females as fathers.