Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Anatomy of The Perfect Red Pill Date: Introduction

I’ve been taking the Red Pill for a while now, and successfully Gaming my wife for over two months to spectacular success.  A few days ago I decided to test myself: did I have what it takes to plan and execute a maneuver designed to up my SR (relative to my wife) dramatically?  Was I ready to pull out the Big Date?

That question was answered for me when I quite unexpectedly got some money I hadn’t counted on.

The life of a freelance writer is exciting, which means scary, which means poverty stricken.  That’s why I appreciate my day job so much, because then freelancing isn’t how I pay the rent, it’s how I pay for the luxuries and extras after the bills are paid.  One of the vagaries of the profession is how long it can take you to get paid for a job.  I just got some cash for one I did almost two years ago – so long, I’d forgotten I’d done it and was supposed to get paid.  It wasn’t an extravagant amount, but with our bills thankfully paid for once and no pressing need elsewhere, I had some capital to work with for a change.

So just how could I plan, plot, prepare and execute the Perfect Date with my wife without fumbling?  That was the question I decided to answer.  After all, I’ve been running Game for a couple of months, she’s responded admirably, and our relationship has never been better – why push it?

Well, I wouldn’t be Ian Ironwood if I didn’t push it.

No good experiment is valid unless you know up front what a positive conclusion will look like.  In this case, I was looking for five results:

1)      Increase just how attractive I was to my wife by increasing my sex rank to nearly overwhelming levels

2)      Do so with a powerful series of Alpha moves softened with Beta sophistications to keep things fun. 

3)      Have an incredibly good time myself

4)      Ensure she not only had a good time, but is so surprised and delighted by the wonderment I cause that she can’t shut up about how romantic I am.

5)      Get laid commiserate to the level of difficulty and resources consumed.

And of course all of this is designed to strengthen our bond, our relationship, our marriage, all that good stuff.

As experiments go, it was a worthy one.  And since I feel I have a duty to the Manosphere to share whatever successes and failures I have on the Red Pill path, I’m going to give you the play-by-play of the whole thing.  Learn from my mistakes, learn from what I did right.  And feel free to take credit for the latter your own self if you end up using my stuff – I don’t mind.


This is the fun part: just what do you want to treat your woman to?  What will entertain her and delight her and make her think of you in tingly terms?  In my case, I recently got my teeth fixed, and I can finally eat steak which we’ve avoided for over a year since my dental problems arose.  So for the dinner, I chose the finest steak house in the metro region – you know, the family owned one that’s been there for three generations and it’s almost impossible to get a reservation?

I called in a favor and got a reservation.  Luckily I still know plenty of people in the restaurant business.  It was a late one – 9:30 – but that actually worked to my favor.  Still, that reservation determined the course of the rest of the evening.  We had to be at the restaurant at 9:30 or give up our spot.

From there the rest got tricky.  A quick search of the local music sites showed that all the cool stuff that was playing in town in terms of live music would all be starting at 9:00 – which would conflict with dinner.  So live music was out.

While there was a Broadway show at the local performing arts center, tickets were sold out and my connections couldn’t help.  No show.

The movies that weekend sucked.  No movies.

I was rapidly running out of conventional “things for married people to do on a Saturday night” fare – but that simply inspired me.  I didn’t want just “dinner and a movie” – that wouldn’t inspire the kind of reaction I was looking for.  So I got creative.  An hour later, my creativity having failed me, I asked my 18 year old niece (lined up for babysitting for the occasion and sworn to secrecy) what she thought of as a perfect date.  She thought for all of five picoseconds, and then said “Shopping!”

Oh, dear Goddess . . .

And apparently the Goddess heard my prayer and sent me inspiration. I figured out how to incorporate shopping into our date without a) me waiting in silent frustration while she tried on a bunch of stuff she knew she wouldn’t like and b) holding a purse and rendering an opinion.  I liked the idea so much that I built the rest of the date around it.

But first, I had to set things up.  I stashed my suit in a garment bag in the back of my car.  I cleaned out my car and gassed it up.  Got a haircut.  I ensured the Niece was on call to babysit.  I knew that Mrs. Ironwood had a Girl Scout thing that morning, then a Cub Scout thing that afternoon.  I also knew that Preselection is a powerful tool that I rarely employ in my Game, at least not directly.  If I really wanted maximum impact for this date – and I wanted it to feel like an Atom Bomb of romantic lust – then using some unfamiliar elements would not only be more of a challenge, it had the possibility of amping up the rewards significantly.

So first things first: when my wife returned from Girl Scouts that afternoon, and prepared to take the boys to Cubs, I began my run.

I took my 10 year-old daughter to go see her first Roller Derby bout.  

Because if you really want to make your wife feel jealous, the safest way to do so is to take your daughter out, just the two of you.

Next Time: The Pre-Date Date 

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