Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Have Yourself A Very Red Pill Christmas

As the countdown to the holidays begins in earnest, there will undoubtedly be times in which you are thrown into a social situation with a self-declared SJW.  This can happen at virtually any time, and you can be accosted for just about any perceived transgression in an airport, on public transportation, at company parties, and, of course, the informal social gatherings that proliferate at this time of year.

In years gone by our attitude has been, traditionally, to clench our jaw and excuse ourselves at the earliest possibility, reluctant to engage.  That's not cowardice - that's a survival technique in a situation which could have long-lasting consequences.  
But some tides have begun to turn, and as feminism, in particular, has made 2014 The Year Feminism Jumped The Shark, you may be feeling a renewed sense of purpose as you consider squaring off with a loud SJW.  
If you are inclined to capitalize on the current wave, and have a desire to become a - albeit small - agent in the greater Culture War, the you might just consider exposing yourself to these relative strangers and doing a bit of Red Knighting.
Black Knighting, as we are all aware, is the overt process of using the established rules of liberal social justice against its very proponents.  A Voice For Men does this on an institutional level, and recently some serious overtures between the MHRM and the Manosphere have resulted in the metaphor of the MHRM being guerrilla warriors to the independent sniping of the various Manosphere blogs and other outlets (lookin' at you, r/theredpill).  Both, it was reasoned, were valuable techniques that could work in concert.  
I tend to support that idea.
To that end, consider Red Knighting: the covert agency of advancing Red Pill memes and ideas in conflict with the established feminist paradigm.  The purpose of this is not to convince or convert any SJWs - gods forbid, they're our best recruiting tool! - but to be seen engaging in dialog with said SJW with amused mastery.by others who are less convinced of the shrill righteousness of their cause.  
A good Red Knight may never publicly reveal his allegiance to TRP, but can turn what SJWs call "microagressions" into a verbal martial art, with a little practice.  You don't have to go all SJW-y to do it, either. You, too, can be a subversive Red Knight in your life, particularly on your travels during the holidays, quietly perfecting your own approach to TRP while also subtly lending your voice and (most importantly) your actions to relentlessly (but quietly) fighting this battle underground.
Our strength is not in our ability to organize and form a great, grand movement that can force social change at the meta level.  The guerrillas of AVfM can guard that flank.  In the Manosphere, our strength is in our decentralization and pervasiveness in society.  Here's how "microaggressions" can really be used to the benefit of positive masculinity.
You can start by refusing to rubber-stamp the "conventional wisdom" about a lot of our key issues by simply stating your opinion in short, controlled bursts. Your refusal to participate in the madness is, in and of itself, a statement. Short, pithy, borderline-trite come-backs that tend to shut down the conversation are best, and the holiday season - with the SJWs festively coming home to spread their crusade of bitter outrage to their families - is an outstanding place for a nascent Red Knight to pursue some entertaining bits of guerrilla ontology.
Some examples:
"Pay equity? Not until draft equity."
"Police report or it didn't happen."
"Feminism? I prefer science."
"Thankfully feminism broke the traditional gender role of me having to give a shit."
"One in five? Not according to the Department of Justice. Of the Obama Administration."
"Yeah, it's sexist. So is biology. I'm OK with that."
"If gender is a social construct why aren't little gay boys socialized straight by our dominant cishetero patriarchal culture? Oh, because their sexuality isn't a choice? Either is mine. I'm comfortable with that."
"You don't get to tell me how to be a man. Any more than I get to tell you how to try to be a woman. Thanks, feminism."
"Marrying a feminist increases your chances of divorce. Kinda like buying a pretty house on a fault line. But I'd love to hear of some actual evidence to the contrary."
"Equilibrium is a far more effective and pragmatic approach than equality."
"You cannot negotiate desire."
"Men love idealistically. Women love opportunistically."
"I'd be more inclined to consider pay inequity once there were more than 70 men employed for every hundred women."
"Which do you think has more rapes, UVA or a Federal Penitentiary?"
"Women control sex. Men control commitment.  Everywhere.  Always."
"Women talk. Men act."
"Equality or special treatment? Pick one and stick with it."
"It is not my obligation to change our society so that you may feel better about your life."
"Do not mistake my devotion to civility as approval or acceptance of your behavior."
"End sexist gender roles? That's just what I wrote on my Selective Service application. What did you write on yours?"
"Men have the right to withdraw their participation when it is not in their best interests. If it's a woman's body and her choice, then that is ours."
"How is reproductive coercion different from rape?  Just curious."
"In every presidential election in the era of mass media, the more attractive candidate has won. Why will this cycle be different?"
"Fatherhood is a sacred responsibility. Do not mock it."
"My sperm is viable until I'm in my 70s. I can afford to be choosy."
"Any reasonable man considers his relationships with women fungible. Occasionally he might find worthy of further investment. But that's a rare thing, these days. Like the last crap of a dying unicorn."
"I really just don't see the point to most men getting into a real relationship, these days. Really, what's in it for them?"
"The heart wants what the heart wants. And sometimes the heart wants a girl with a sweet-disposition, a pretty smile, big boobs, and no interest whatsoever in social justice causes."
"Feminists make great employees and lousy wives."
"If I was really ever going to treat you as an equal, we'd be fist-fighting already. You should value my sexism."
" 'Decent' is just another term for 'suppressed.' "
"Remember that your ability to complain about misogyny was purchased with the blood of patriarchs."
"Most men feel that feminism is about equality the way that most African Americans feel that the Confederate Battle Flag is about Southern pride and heritage."
"Nature makes a Woman. It takes other Men to make a Man."
"Why is the answer to fixing society's problems constantly hinging on convincing men to behave more like women?"
"Men built Western Civilization. You really don't think we could bust it? Or let it die from neglect out of spite?"
"There is as much evidence of 'The Patriarchy' as there is of the 'Vast Satanic Sexual Abuse Conspiracy' the FBI found exactly no evidence of."
"How is your definition of feminism functionally different than the definition of humanism?"
"If you had a choice between true social and economic equality that left you single until you die alone, or a lifetime of bliss with a loving partner in an overtly sexist society, which one would you choose to live in?"
"Sure, your partner count doesn't work against you. Unless you believe in science."
"If you're strong and independent, why would you want a man?"
"Do you need a man? No? Then don't worry. You probably won't get one."
"Wan't to stop campus rape? Stay out of college. Not you, Cupcake, I'm talking to you fellas. Seriously. It's a money pit and a minefield of bad decisions. Take a couple of years off and figure out what you want to do, first. It's not like your looks are suddenly going to collapse. Cupcake can date what's . . . left on campus."
"It's not 'Madonna and Whore'. It's 'Wife and Future Ex-Wife. Get it straight."
"The rarest of delicacies among die-hard feminists is wedding cake."
"Among the gender stereotypes feminism managed to successfully smash were chivalry and the incentive to commitment. You're on your own."
"If it 'shouldn't matter' who leads the relationship, then it shouldn't matter to you who will lead mine. Here's a hint: it will be me."
"So what will women do in a few years when cheap temporary vasectomies essentially rip their control over their reproduction away? Start hanging out in bars begging for fertilization?"
"Oh, yeah, that's just what a man wants to come home to: an aging, bitter executive with a freezer full of eggs and a predisposition toward divorce. That's a manly dose of marital and domestic bliss, right there."
"Men of quality are not attracted to your resume, no matter how many times your girlfriends tell you they are."
And so on. You get the gist. Subtle but direct jabs of Red Pill goodness. Use it sparingly, with amused mastery, and best against those outside of your immediate social circle.  Never get angry, never raise your voice, never loose that cocky grin and steely gaze. 
But when that perky SJW with the nose ring starts screaming about rape culture, or that embittered corporate feminist starts talking about gender oppression, smile . . . and then go at it like a gentleman.
Merry Christmas, Red Knights.  Go forth and be Men for the holidays.


  1. Well written Ian - glad to see your continous effort towards a better tomorrow for all of us men.

  2. That's a fine list indeed! The "you're on your own" theme of several of these rejoinders brings to mind the possibility that one reason there are so many women in college is because they're slowly figuring out they'll be looking after themselves. (That they so often select useless degree paths is a different subject.)

    Either (a) they won't marry, (b) they'll divorce, (c) they'll marry a low-economic-status man.

    They're probably right about that. Naturally they've hamsterized it all as a meaningful display of feminist independence, in the same way they've glorified single motherhood as "heroic".

    So have at it ladies. You'll enjoy life in the company of the Sisterhood.

  3. "Start hanging out in bars begging for fertilization?"

    Ironically, a couple of girls of my acquaintance were talking about when they would get preggers - one wanted age 29, one wanted age 38. No mention of a man involved, just getting preggers.

    Me and a friend told them that they should simply pick up some random guy from a bar. The conversation was extremely humorous - from our side.

  4. It says a lot when one has to sit down and provide a list of snarky comebacks to other people to put down others. What is this, High school? Let them come up with their own stuff and prove their valor and wit. Gotta chew up everything for kids these days. Pathetic.

  5. I like the idea of subtle Red Knighting.

    There's also the option of staying apolitical and finding common ground with others so that they are more likely to accept your differences of opinion when they do come up. Meet people at a human level, show them the happy results of red pill life, and they will be more interested in emulating it. Lead by example.

    Although he has been here for over a year now, we've been in a relationship since spring of 2013, and we got married over the summer, my parents and Mark met for the first time yesterday. Conversation was kept superficial, attention mostly focused on the granddaughter, and everyone had a fairly good time.

    My parents are good, decent, hard-working people, but they simply don't understand all of this. That they see Mark is not the villain they feared he was is enough for now. That they see how happy my daughter and I are with him is the most important thing. That they see I will still show them respect while exacting respect for the life I have chosen reassures them I am on the right path and allows me to be more available to them.

    If you truly believe in what you are doing and are confident in it, you cannot help but convince others of its merit simply by displaying it. You cannot rely on laws to change your world. Society is not changed from the outside in. You must be the change you wish to see and alter the world from the inside out. Remember, when you have achieved the enlightenment Kipling wrote about, "yours is the Earth and everything that's in it." Learn to master yourself, and you master the world.

  6. In awe of your wit and art curation.

  7. Come on Ian, you do some great writing, keep at it man!

  8. I am noticing a correlation between IanIronwood comments in the relationships subreddit and a deletion of posts in relationships threads containing IanIronwood comments. Is there some trusted third-party that can mediate the messages while paring off the overt redpill-sourcing so as to evade the reflexive self-blinding of thoughtmods within the relationships subreddit?

  9. Yes...drop the bomb and walk away...it's priceless. I was at a party of mainly couples and we were sitting around an open fire by the beach. A couple of the wifes/girlfriends started talking about one of the men being in the dog house because he not following the "Happy Wife, Happy Life" script by refusing to let her spend $3500.00 on a granite countertop for the kitchen they just replaced last year. I nodded sagely, gave my best chuckle and said,

    " Yes you're right, that was the wrong response, sounds like she needed a good spanking instead ".

    There were audible gasps from the women and gulps from the men who thought for sure I was going to face the wraths of hell.... it didn't happen.
    I got up and walked over to the cooler to grab another beer and heard one of the women say "That's kind of hot, he's right, she was being a bitch"

    The women were much more attentive toward me the rest of the evening, even bringing me beer and later coffee without me asking...

  10. Why as an independent woman would I want a man? Well I need someone to fuck and make my sandwiches after I'm done working. Haha. I'm just kidding.

    No seriously, some of these questions are just crazy. Choose between a loving relationship or living in a sexist society? Hell, why don't you ask a black man rather he wants a loving relationship or to fear being lynched all the time?

    Strawman argument. You're assuming we can't have both. I've respected every man I've been with, I've treated them with generosity, equality, let them take control sometimes, tried to do what I could to bring up their self-esteem, encouraged them in their hobbies and job etc. while at the same time taking care of my own esteem, working on my own future and making sure I can support myself independently so that the burden never falls on anyone else. I don't want my partner to feel like he needs to work twice as hard to support two people, I want him to focus on taking care of himself and having enough for himself and his needs while I do the same. That way, we both enjoy more freedom and security for ourselves. That way, no one has to fear about alimony or anything like that. It's for both of our benefits that we're both strong enough to take care of ourselves, just like in nature. You don't see a general trend of males providing for females, you see every individual providing for themselves or social species males and females working together to provide for the group, everyone trying to be strong and tough to take care of themselves. That's equality, when you both try your best to be the best together and respect each other along the way.

    Yes as a feminist, I respect and value men a lot. I just also respect myself and value my own freedom and independence. I want us to work together, grow together, support each other and encourage each other. I don't want to restrict his life by being bossy, nor do I want him to do that to me. I want him to feel free to express himself to me, also in a vulnerable way if he wants, I respect a man that doesn't need to hide his feelings in order for him to appear more masculine. I think a man can be masculine while being honest about how he feels and showing that he trusts me enough to let himself be vulnerable sometimes and open up. It's healthy too, to get that kind of support from someone you're with.

    1. That sounds lovely. And you've been with your man how many years?


      That's the thing: the feminist ideal of equality does work great, if you treat relationships with the shelf-life of the average car. Most men want to invest their time and energy in something more substantial and more permanent than something you're going to trade in in five years.

      So you might value and respect men "a lot". That's great. But the fact is that we've grown to respect you, collectively, far less for abandoning some essential elements of your femininity for your illusion of equality (it will always be an illusion until you're forced to sign a Selective Service registration the same way we did).

      Regardless of how "accepting" you are of your man's weakness and vulnerability, collectively women in general and feminists in particular have demonstrated over and over, to brutal effect, just how illusory this respect is. Now that the Red Pill is out there, we need not accept the idea that feminist wives are the only game in town.

      You value yourself - great. We've learned to value ourselves, too, and in general we've decided that we deserve better than what meager offerings most feminists can bring to the table. While women reward men sexually, men reward women with our commitments, and we're seeing more and more men appreciate their own value enough to realize that extending a commitment to a feminist is like buying a pretty, expensive house on a major fault line. We are therefore rewarding the women who have a far more practical approach to mating, dating, and reproductive futures than women who demand "equality", don't stop until they have dominance, and then discard their dickless creations the moment they realize that they have exactly what they want.

      Things are more complicated now. Men have the entire world's women to choose from, not just the office-bobbed corporate feminist, and there are TONS of women out there who are willing to respect men far more than you do.

      That's who we'll settle on.

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