Friday, June 27, 2014

Why Male Birth Control Will Change Everything

Everyone knows what the female birth control pill did to our society, and while everyone also knows that reliable male contraception would be a boon, the general effectiveness of condoms and the difficulty in regulating male fertility at the hormonal level without also impairing male sexual function has made "The Male Pill" an elusive goal.  Pharma companies are interested, of course - considering their profits on female birth control, opening up a huge market for exploitation on a monthly basis is just too good to pass up.

But the best proposed method for reliable male birth control isn't a hormone-based therapy.  It's a minor surgical intervention that renders the patient effectively sterile for a ten-year period of time. RISUG, or Vasagel, has proven effective and safe in initial clinical trials in India.

Because it's a surgical intervention and not a drug, there isn't much corporate support for the procedure, but its promise has attracted individuals to contribute to the incredible expense of funding FDA testing.  And the promise is fantastic.  Essentially, a microscopic device is injected into the vas deferens, where its crystalline structure effectively shreds the sperm before ejaculation.  After ten years the structure breaks down and the patient returns to normal fertility.  Or the device can be flushed away surgically with another minor procedure.

But for ten solid years you don't have to worry about getting anyone pregnant accidentally.  The power to conceive is under your control, as a man.  You are no longer a potential victim of reproductive coercion.

That's not a term you hear often enough, although the effect is widely known.  When a woman gets pregnant (or pretends to, or convinces herself she is) in order to extract a commitment from a man without his knowledge or permission, that's reproductive coercion.  It's the other side of "using sex as a weapon".  Unfortunately, things rarely work out well for either the man who has been coerced or his off-spring.

In the discussion about sexual violence the issue of reproductive coercion rarely comes up.  The talk begins and usually ends centered on rape and violent sexual assault, acquaintance rape and sexual entitlement.  But the issue of sexual violence is not complete without putting reproductive coercion on the table for discussion.  If rape is morally wrong - and it is - then extorting an unwanted commitment from a man is equally wrong.

It's a Red Pill fact that a goodly portion of marriages are the result of a little blue line on a plastic stick and a True Love rationalization, not the careful vetting and examination they should be.  The status quo tends to run like this: Jack and Jill go off to college, hook up with a bunch of people before getting thrown together for a weekend at the beach, knocking boots out of boredom and opportunity, and six weeks later, after both have moved on, Jill shows up at Jack's dorm with a wet stick and a blue line.  June wedding and married student housing, or perhaps a semester off, if they elect to make a go of it.

Of course it really could be True Love - or boiling hormones - that provides the chemistry that turns that little line blue.  Or it could be a calculated ploy on the part of an ambitious or desperate girl, pure reproductive coercion.  Or it could be a simple mistake that neither of the principals feels ready to contend with, but because of moral obligation or their own youthful optimism they dive in anyway.

Whether inspired by a belief in True Love, a genuine mistake, or a cynical and calculated ploy to secure a given man, the result is the same: a child has been conceived without the father's knowledge or permission.  His conscious right to choose his reproductive future has been usurped.  While it takes two to tango, he is not the one leading the reproductive dance.  A woman is ultimately responsible for what happens to her body, one way or another, and a man is at her mercy at even telling him about the child.  He is not in control of his own reproductive freedom.

So . . . what would happen if he was?

Imagine, for a moment, a world in which a sixteen year old boy went in for his summer camp physical, and while he was getting his vaccinations caught up they took twenty minutes to put his reproductive life on pause.  With no chance of getting anyone pregnant until he was 26, what different kind of future does he face?

Imagine a world where a young man has a leisurely amount of time to cultivate a career, pursue a degree, develop a skill or master a profession, without the looming, lingering danger of unwanted pregnancy.  Imagine the shift in power as the ability for a woman to have a child comes under male review and approval.

The procedure is not expensive - around $1000 - and it appears to be perfectly safe.  If one assumes that any teenage boy with a brain in his head and a future ahead of him would take advantage of such a procedure, then only the very low-status, low-quality males would be casually fertile.  Competition for high-quality males would be extremely high among women, forcing even more competition for the Big C-Commitment of an engagement ring.  When a woman's ability to conceive is reduced to her ability to attract a man who finds her worthy enough to flip the switch and have a baby with her, the rules of the SMP change dramatically.

The "I can always get knocked up by a handsome stranger" fall-back position offers great consolation to women unable to master the intricacies of a heterosexual relationship long enough to have a baby.  Most sexually-active women go out of their way to avoid pregnancy with an essential random, for fear of his real status and the social consequences of reproducing without a reliable mate.  But if the majority of decent dudes are voluntarily sterile, then even that possibility vanishes.  But that would not be the boon to women you might imagine.

As the Wall inevitably approaches, the reproductive instinct, combined with generous contributions from the Rationalization Hamster, allow a given woman to rationalize lowering her standards to take advantage of the large pool of dudes who want a regular piece of ass and possibly a relationship, muddle through with Beta Bucks and start looking around for some Alpha on the side while soon-to-be ex-hubby raises the kids.  That's the status quo for all too many poor Beta dudes who think they've found True Love when what their wives are thinking Starter Husband.  As long as she's got a few good eggs and a willingness to go wild for an unsuspecting Alpha, she has a potential escape hatch and the rationalizations and legal remedies to use it.

But what happens when that option is, for all practical purposes, off the table?  When any hypergamy-inspiring hot Alpha who walks into her life is in control over his own reproductive destiny, the biological escape hatch is closed.  And when she has to ask her husband's permission to have a baby, she has lost the innate power of her feminine reproductive biology.

It goes beyond that, of course.  When the Betas-and-below can effectively control their reproductive freedom, the ability for a woman to secure a reliable provider with her reproductive biology without his consent . . . vanishes. She must rely on her sexuality and her (shudder) personality to convince a given man that she is worthy enough to bear his children. The burden of proving herself falls to her, as mother, not to him, as father and provider.

The result: teenage pregnancy drops, and accidental pregnancies of all types plummet.  Male fertility - a commodity so plentiful it's currently essentially free on the SMP - suddenly has value.  Men of quality get the procedure as a matter of course.  Most of the middle class, naturally.  Any smart boy on his way to college would certainly do it.  Same thing for the military forces - who wouldn't?  No need to worry about pregnancy if you don't have to, right?

And then the power in the SMP shifts.  When women have to compete, really compete for a man's commitment, not just for provision and protection but for access to his genes, then the social pressures change and the idea of commitment becoms a lot more clear-cut.  Marriage becomes re-entwined with reproduction as it becomes clear that a solid marriage is the best guarantee of quality children raised in a reliably stable family.  Men who are able to demonstrate that kind of ability by their late 20s suddenly gain huge capital in the SMP, and they will be quick to re-write the rules of commitment.  Without the potential of "Guess what, honey? You're gonna be a daddy!" looming over them they are free to insist on a far stronger commitment than the drive-by matrimony that persists today.

Of course the Puerarchy explodes with horny young dudes who can't get a girl pregnant, thus obscuring the future good family men from being easily identified in the competition altogether.  When "extended adolescence" means being sterile until you're 26-28, life for a young man becomes one long pussy-party.  Even having a steady girlfriend doesn't mean as much.  The moment she brings up the idea of a serious commitment without the biological bond of a child, the youth in question is forced to look just at her, not at their offspring, when making that decision.  And let's face it, ladies, many of you just won't measure up under that kind of scrutiny.
The process of conception requires his positive approval, not just his passive cooperation.  Without that bullet to dodge, the Puerarch is able to really enjoy his youth in ways that make feminists everywhere shudder.

RISUG gives men the chance to really plan and execute their life's ambitions without concern for premature distractions.  With the smug knowledge that our sexual capital only improves with our age, instead of depreciating like a woman's, such control over our genetic destiny gives men the room to make far more intelligent, informed choices about where and when they want to father children, and with whom.  It puts a premium on the Dad skills and abilities, and makes the stakes in Combat Dating much, much higher for women.  It puts the balance of reproductive power in masculine hands, and increases the competitive drive among women.

Suddenly fatherhood becomes a hot commodity, not a wellspring for sitcom jokes.  A man who has elected to be a dad would first secure his rights and ensure he has made a choice in the mother of his children that he can live with before he has the reversal done.  Without the biologic pressure of unexpected pregnancy, he has the time to vet - and, if necessary, discard - unsuitable mates before they lure him into marriage and divorce.  He also has the time to develop a career and financial standing to support children when he's ready to, not when that cute girl he met in the quad presents him with a freshly-peed-upon stick.  By the time your AFC Beta boy is ready to become a Dad, he'll be in his late 20s, moderately successful, and ready to make some serious decisions about his life - and his choice of wife.

Of course that also frees up his dating life, too.  Without the danger of unexpected pregnancy, he just has the minefield of STDs and batshit crazy to navigate, and that's not nearly as fate-changing, usually, as bringing a kid into the world.  With a modicum of Game knowledge, the Dad-to-be can sow his oats like an Alpha for a decade.  That's likely to make him generally less commitment-happy, and genuinely instruct him on the nature of women.  And that's going to be very frustrating to the Beta-girl who suddenly fines herself desperately
competing for male attention when she wants to be out protesting wage inequality.

And most importantly, it makes responsible fatherhood a valuable commodity.  The worse the Puerarchs behave in their cock-sure shenanigans, the more the stability of a well-seasoned male will be valued by women who want to be mothers.  Watch the age of first marriage climb for men, and over-all marriage rates fall yet lower.

The blowback against feminism would be severe.  When femininity is valued, feminism loses force.  Arguing for a lean-in career path which almost certainly dooms your chances of reproduction loses credibility in the face of observable truths.

Revalorizing marriage and family by re-valuing fatherhood and paternalism - and, yes, Patriarchy - leaves women with stark choices when it comes to their futures. They would either have to commit to a childless future as a corporate drone, dying lonely and covered in cats, or they will play the game that gets them pregnant, by the rules made by those who control the tap.  Feminism will be a hollow ideology.  When men hold their future children hostage to their will, women will reflect more deeply on the whole issue of equality.  And we'll see a lot less emphasis within the Matrix on conquering the corporate world, and more emphasis on escaping it . . . by becoming a wife and mother to a worthy man.

Also, capitulating to popular demand as a test I'm letting folks take a look at a Red Pill Primer for Boys, set up as a Google Presentation.  Here's the intro.  Let me know what you think.


  1. (wish your articles were just a tad shorter!)

    I’ve been reading about this for years; ain’t seen nutting’ yet. But I would welcome it. Anything that prevents unwanted, unparented or worse, starving children being brought into a world that gets a little harder every day — that’s a blessing!

    Only trouble with this is: the type of man who should NEVER become a father won’t use this. He won’t bother; he doesn’t bother now. These guys are the baby daddies and deadbeats and they find plenty of trashy chicks to procreate with and spread their STD’s. Their penis is their pride and they tend to not want it messed with by medical procedures; if they really cared about avoiding fatherhood they could easily have a vasectomy.

    But, then they could never become daddies, you say? I think more men just like the IDEA of fathering a child (my virility has been proven!) rather than the dreary reality of parenting.

  2. I see things the opposite way.

    Apex high men will use male birth control to increase the size of their harems. Women will go along with this because government provides basic necessities and alphas provide tingles.

    Any men smart enough to use this to avoid being enslaved by the government will be slowly eliminated from the gene pool, while the poor, excessively priveliged, stupid and religious ignore the pill and reproduce. Their progeny survive and the future is grim.

  3. Such technology might also be useful in controlling dysgenic reproduction as it could be used instead of substantive penalties for persons having babies out of wedlock or committing certain offenses.

    It will be resisted any which way as it will reduce the surplus population and transfer power away from women as mentioned. Neither of these are desirable outcomes for the current system

    Also great powerpoint thing. Even as a mature adult I find useful data in it. Well done.

    1. Sorry to repost, there is no edit feature. The last phrase should have red Also its a great start on the powerpoint thing. Even though its incomplete and I am a mature adult I find tidbits of useful data in it. Well done and I look forward to the rest.

  4. Excellent piece!

    I expect there will be a collateral trend of men refusing to donate to sperm banks. Men will cease this practice because a desperate state will increasingly sweep aside contractual protections to rope donors into subsidizing an increasingly vast, costly cohort of single mothers. Signs exist that this new form of predation, in which government rewards a protected political class of dependent women, is just over the horizon as the out-of-wedlock birthrate continues to skyrocket.

    Once the sperm banks are dry, men will have increased leverage in relationships to protect themselves and their own rights from exploitation by buccaneering women. As Ian explains so well here, women who want a family will become newly mindful of what they offer to a man.

    Today's entitled, enfranchised woman will find that a shocking adjustment, and I daresay they won't make it. In their minds, men are obligated to do all the sacrificing and adjusting. So it will be up to the next generation of women to make the shift from systematically abusing men to cultivating healthy, respectful relationships.

    1. That's actually started in Britain. They removed anonymity from sperm banks, and are surprised that donations have gone down.

  5. Where can I see or get the whole presentation? I want it for my son. I dont think he is quite ready for it yet, but I would like to have it available for when he is.

    1. Ah, I see the link in the header. Do you have a schedule for releasing the different chapters?

  6. Your book couldn't come soon enough. One way or another I have to get it for my grandsons.

  7. I don't see a lot of men or boys looking forward to shots in the scrotum no matter how you sugar coat it.

    1. Look forward to it? Of course not. But we are men, and will take short term pain for long term gain far more often than not. (No guarantee about the % of boys.)

  8. "She must rely on her sexuality and her (shudder) personality to convince a given man that she is worthy enough to bear his children."

    Or - sad alternative - nagging or social coercion (not least from the guy's own mother: "you've been together for five years now, when will I have grandchildren?")

    Which is why the dude should get education to how his new options for self determination can be used effectively. (So thanks for the presentation at the end.)

  9. As others have noted, this won't solve anything. The men who don't care will continue to father children with women who copulate indiscriminately. Some few men with sufficient competence to avoid starting a family early but insufficient competence to remain celebate until marriage will become the equivalent of the cat-lady. Despite protests to the contrary, men also possess a declining sexual market value that declines rapidly after the late thirties versus late 20's for women. Early and careful mate selection matters for both genders.

  10. It would be very wise for men, especially young men, to have this contraceptive procedure done, regardless of whether all the predicted outcomes come true. You can’t prevent women from copulating indiscriminately and getting pregnant, but you can avoid becoming a victim of paternity fraud, non-consensual parenthood and coerced marriage.

    It is extremely important in today’s world for men to protect their reproductive rights and choices. If you truly believe that “this won’t solve anything” then you are either extremely na├»ve, uninformed, or more likely, you are a troll. I have read back over the previous comments and I do not find anyone else besides you claiming “this won’t solve anything”, so you are only speaking for yourself. Stop trying to speak for the rest of us. Your post is opinionated and wrong. I am in my 60’s and my sexual market value is better than ever before for women within 15-20 years of my age. You may be a cat-lady but I am definitely not your male equivalent.

    I love the primer for boys. I grieve that such information was not available for me when I was young, nor was it available to my two sons. I was still brainwashed when they were young, and I told them all the traditional crap. And what they got in school and from the media was even worse. Please finish your primer asap. If such information could be widely disseminated it would prevent a tremendous amount of misery and social dysfunction. Kudos on all your work.

  11. Going to try to read through that- I'm mostly mobile these days so sitting at my laptop to read anything doesn't happen much these days. Anyways, I think this would be a nice alternative to vasectomy for those guys who don't want more kids but aren't thrilled about permanently destroying their ability to. We only want one or two more but after that probably will use an IUD. This potentially could be a better option so I'm kind of excited. Sadly most things have some unintended side effects:/

  12. I like how the book is coming along. I get the visual direction and it appeals to those of us who are old enough to afford to be nostalgic. I wonder however if I needs a bit of contemporary imagery thrown in to catch a boys interest or at least put it in a context he can understand. I could perhaps be contemporary images from pop culture, but treated artistically to stay with you visual style.

    I say this simply because you have the beginnings of a good story there, but is it grabbing the reader or putting them off, given that the reader is a son who has been exposed to more low grade visual porn by his thirteenth birthday on regular TV alone, than any of us were by the time we were a bit older. Just sayin... I look forward to the more complete tome. Me and my son will read it either way.

    As for the post, I couldn't help but think of the irony that feminists would have women profess their desire for and consent for sex both loudly and repeatedly to ensure it is not rape, see the following:

    I enjoy the irony that these same feminists would presumably have to hear from their mating men both eagerly and continuously that they wish to sire a child with her under the circumstance of men having access to birth control beyond the condoms of today wherein they could not be coerced or tricked into giving up their little swim team for any reason beyond his own will.

  13. Am I the only woman in the world who was already married and who discussed procreation with my husband before the fact?

    When we had sex, we both were well aware that we were trying to make a baby. Both times. No unplanned anything. He wanted to be a father just as much as I wanted to be a mom.

    My only conflict was when he'd had enough and got a vasectomy. I wanted one more, but I had to respect his limits and the doctor made me sign off on the procedure before he could have it done. Over time, I saw that he was right and we had our limit, but that took awhile. Eventually, I was grateful for his restraint.

  14. I for one support this new product, as a women birth control has played havoc with my body and I want to come off this. Am in overall support of tour ideas but I do contest a few of the game theory ideas.
    1) Most guys do not want to 'settle down' before their thirties, maybe even late twenties. Most will have lots of casual short term sex. While the guys are not settling down or in a ltr they deem fit for marriage, then what are the women supposed to do? Sit around being virginal? They get horny too...
    I am in my late twenties and apart from one or two, guys I have and my mates have encountered just not interested in what it takes to have a serious relationship just yet. It's ok, soil some oats, but you can't then expect the women to stick around not having sex, it's not realistic. The only solution no see to this, is that all women fo for older men. Which is often preferred by both, but who are these guys having sex with before they start taking the wife hunting seriously? And why is it fair to look down on these women for having sex and not settling down just yet? The male birth control will be a welcome addition to this situation as these women don't wanna get pregnant by casual aquintances or short term relationships. They just sa r sex too.
    2) Alongside other historical reasons, people are encouraged to test out the waters and have a ltr or lots of flings to learn about their individual preferences. That is why I mostly disagree, but not completely, with the assumption that all women are 'riding the courosel' of alphas before settling for beta. In my own self admission, I have a high n, and my past partner's are heavily beta, with some alphas thrown in. I was intentionally trying different guys. I know females who do follow your script, but lots of females who don't only have sex with alphas either. When I see betas complaining about the lack of pussy they got in earlier years online, I often think, but you surely only went for top of the food chain females, hence your bitterness? Perhaps of they had gone for lower females more often they'd be getting laid more often, it obviously worked for me.....saying this, I do see your point. Its the omegas who really loose out in this instance.
    3) women with high n's lack capacity for ltr or marriage.... so yes this hits a sore spot for me. As someone with a high n, I just wanna scream nooooo! But I have met other ladies who know they dont have capacity and accept it. Ad a trainee counselor, I believe that with proper self examination anyone can develop this capability, unless your sociopathic or similar. It is unlikely. But I wouldn't right someone off just because they have a high number. In my case it took years of therapy and lots of casual flings along the way to build my capacity. As an 18 year old I had a great 4.5 year relationship ending at 23 that I just want able to develop or handle, I really needed that time alone to move past my short comings because if I had stayed with that gut he would of left me or I would of spoiled it. It wouldn't of lasted, too immature. So don't write off experience, I'd much rather th ave someone whose been around a bit and add mistakes with someone else than some virgin with no relationship experience....I also value someone who has over come a barrier and lives to tell the tail. But I'm realizing my own projection here, perhaps I'm rationalising? Either way I'm a Mich better partner now at 28 than I was and iI'm not sure staying with my marriage freindly ltr would of helped me develop as a person....

    These are just my thoughts ...
    Feel fee to respond.
    Keep up the well written work anyhow!

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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