Saturday, September 15, 2012

In Praise Of The Puerarchy

As the Sexual Revolution and Dating/Marriage 2.0 social memes have begun to solidify into custom, one of the “loose ends” concerning both the feminists and the Manosphere is the issue of the Puerarchy.  You know. 

The Guys.
The Puerarchy, for those who are new to the term, is a Manosphere term-of-art used to describe the phenomenon most recently called out as “ExtendedAdolescence” (as this harsh assessment of the group by the Guardian Angels, of all people, points out): the tendency for young men to spend a decade or so getting drunk, high, laid, and wiped out from video game exhaustion and porn marathons instead of applying nose to grindstone, getting a college education that will allow them to support their future ex-wives.  It’s perplexing for feminists because it means the pool of “acceptable” men for marriage and procreation (and productive tax-paying to support the welfare state) is drying up.  It’s perplexing for conservatives in the Manosphere because the Puerarchy seems to be thumbing its nose as traditional Conservative values of hard work and ambition, and succumbing to the pleasures of the flesh and the decadence of the West they shun.

No one seems to like these guys – the Left condemns them as slacking losers who won’t grow up, and the Right condemns them as dope-smoking losers who won’t grow up.

At last, consensus!

But both sides are not giving the Puerarchy a fair shake, understanding neither their motivations nor their incentives for living the life they lead.  Neither side appreciates the valuable service that the Puerarchy provides for the rest of us men.  Indeed, “Extended Adolescence” may be just what the doctor ordered for life in the 21st century SMP.  Too old to be a boy, to young to be a man, what’s left between 19 and 29 is to be a beer-swilling, dope-smoking, videogame playing, pump-and-dump-if-you-can-get-away-with-it Guys.

The Puerarchy is usually divided into “cads and losers”, with the majority of eligible women all competing for the relatively small pool of natural alphas – “cads” who are dipping their wick like it’s on sale at half price.  The rest of the pool – the Beta and Gamma “losers” who are running lame Game and getting laid only by chance or circumstance, are blindly competing for the 85% of women who can't manage to end up in an Alpha harem.  Those are the Puerarchy, the subversive chorus of socially-antagonistic "extended adolescents", the Lost Boys who can't or won't go fully into a mature Manhood.  The guys who made Vince Diesel and Grand Theft Auto household words.  They're the dudes who are still hitting the clubs looking to get laid when they're in their mid to late 20s, or older.  Some Guys never quite leave the Puerarchy.  They just keep going back to the clubs and running their Game on the next generation of young women.

And if they strike out . . . well, they have their buds, their bud, their Bud, and their porn to fall back on.  And for a decade or so, that’s not a bad life at all.

The Puerarchy In Context of the SMP:

If you consider how male and female SMV accrues under Dating/Marriage 2.0, then you can understand the Puerarcy a little more.  Imagine both boys and girls get “paid” in Sexual Market Currency, which they can “spend” by attracting and keeping a quality mate. 

Women get the bulk of their money in their early 20s, and then start getting cut back after age 25 or so, as their peak reproductive years wane.  By age 30, if they haven’t invested in a quality partner whom they’ve convinced to commit to them long-term, their likelihood of attracting a quality partner goes way, way down.  They have less and less capital to expend every year . . . and most young women spend their capital on the carousel like they’ve won the sexual lottery.

Men, on the other hand, start out getting paid minimum wage . . . but they get a raise every year.  When you’re an 18 year old male the only thing you usually have to offer society is your energy, physical strength, and willingness to do stupid, dangerous shit (thank you, testosterone!).  An 18 year old male without any skills or job experience is going to keep getting “minimum wage”, plus whatever small bonus he can get for his youthful energy and “cuteness”, and he’s going to have very slim pickings in his local “market”.  Women his own age are more interested in better-paid dudes a few years older, and girls younger than his age are jailbait. 

These days, if a young man does luck into a girlfriend, it’s almost always a short-term affair before he’s “traded up”.  Other than that, it’s a series of one night stands and masturbation, all the sexual access he can “afford” on his “salary”.  More than likely his actual job is also low-paying, menial, often service-oriented . . . or in this economy, non-existent.  He can parlay his paltry SMV into a kind of “masculine savings account” by joining the Army or other armed forces, or try to compete at the high-end of the professional world and enjoy being a minor functionary for a decade, but there’s little difference in the end result.  By age 29, most “extended adolescents” – Puerarchs – are little better-off, financially, than they were when they were 19.

That disgusts both feminists and conservatives because they see it as a waste – the feminists believe the young man should spend this time bettering his understanding of women and how to support them in all of his future endeavors, ideally beginning each day by bowing to his wife and chanting thrice “Sisterhood is Beautiful!”.  And the Conservatives think that the dude needs to “man up” and apply his nose to the grindstone so that he can be a productive member of society, in a conservative sort of way. 

Funny that neither side has really asked the Puerarchs what they think about all of this.

The fact is, a young man can live a pretty comfortable life for himself as a bachelor on a relatively small amount of money.  I’ve been helping a local 19 year-old get established, and it’s been illuminating learning about his start-up options and expenses.

For the bargain-basement bare-minimum housing and transportation costs, today’s 19 year old in my neck of the woods is facing monthly expenses like this:

Housing: $350
Food: $500
Transportation costs: $250
Entertainment: $50+

That’s low-end, even for this low-cost burg.  But it demonstrates that a young man can survive here on an actual wage of just under $1500 a month.  Cheaper, if he’s Spartan about it, or finds a no-cost place to stay like a girlfriend’s house or his parent’s place. 

While his SMV is stalled in Twentysomething land, he can afford to coast for a decade.  No high-quality woman is beating the bushes for a guy without “potential”, anyway, and the results of long-term relationships at this tender stage of life are pretty well known.  So he gets a laptop, a crappy car, a room to call his own and a menial job with little future in it . . . and he relaxes and enjoys himself. 

And that bugs the shit out of every woman in his life.

The difference is, this Puerarch’s best reproductive years are ahead of him, while his female equivalent, studiously taking the corporate world by storm and eschewing family and relationship in exchange for “success”, is squandering her best reproductive years away.  At 29 he will just be ready to begin his actual maturity into post-extended adolescent manhood. 

She’ll be suddenly aware of all the babies she’s not having, and hearing from her older spinster sisters how “there just aren’t any good men out there!”  By the time she’s “ready” for motherhood, she’s far past her prime reproductively, and in terms of attractiveness to her target cohort . . . she just can’t compete.

The “Man up and marry the sluts!” cry from the Christian church and other conservative voices just has no effect on the Puerarch.  The prospect of marriage sounds awful to him, colored by a tradition of divorce and neglect and the constant scorn of feminist voices.  The string of rejections he suffers through in the early years hardens him from taking anything a woman says seriously, unless she’s his boss at work.  The Puerarch’s happy fun time is a kind of post-industrial Valhalla, where a reasonably cushy day job allows him just enough resources to indulge in whatever cheap electronic form of entertainment he likes, and easy access to casual sex through Craigslist, Plenty of Fish, or other venues for desperate women give him all the milk he needs. 

And there’s always porn.

The Role Of The Puerarch

But far from shaking my head in dismay about the Puerarchs, I embrace them.  They play a vital role in the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy, and if the Manosphere is smart, we’ll do our best to keep them coming back.  You see, the reason the Puerarchs are valuable is the same reason the Spartans valued the agoge.

The Spartan agoge was the essential feature in the renowned warriors’ development in the ancient world.  Designed as a means to build a perfect army of perfect warriors, the agoge was the brutal period of training and ordeals a young Spartan man undertook in order to be admitted to the glorious Spartan army.  It began before puberty, at age 7, when the boy was roughly pulled from his family and tossed into the company of his fellows in the cold, barren wilderness of Lacedamon. 

This wasn’t mere cruelty – under the belief that the raw energy and powerful hormones associated with puberty made it dangerous for the youths to be inflicted on Spartan civil society, the agoge was designed to hone and temper that youthful adventurism with a host of values akin to the Scout Oath: loyalty, bravery, trustworthiness, discipline.  And they didn’t do it with soothing words and rationally convincing arguments – they put those boys through one rigorous test of their capabilities after another, and plenty of them didn’t make it.  But the ones who did were extraordinary.  Just watch that ode to testosterone, 300, if you want to see what the result was.

While the modern Puerarchs bear only a passing resemblance to the agoge, the fact is that they are here and they have no real reason to want to change and mature.  There is little incentive to rush their happy fun time, and plenty of disincentive if they do.  And, I argue, we should not insist that they do so.  In fact, men of the 21st century would be best served by recognizing the power of the Puerarchy and seek to use it as leverage in their own mating strategies.  Because the Puerarchy, despite all of its faults and flaws, has one extremely potent power at its disposal:

It scares the hell out of feminists.

Truly.  Just as feminists hate the Puerarchy, they also fear it.  Fear it for the potential of sexual violence it represents (then again, pretty much any group of straight men seems to evoke that fear), fear it for the prospects of “quality men” it leaves for their daughters and sisters, fear it for the creeping sensation that the feminist ideology went horribly wrong somewhere, and created this monster as a result. 

In this the feminists get it right.  In many ways the Puerarchy is the result of feminism, divorce, and single-mother families.  If a dude’s parents stayed married, then he tends to lean towards marriage eventually.  If a dude was raised by a single mom and an absent or distant dad, then he enters Extended Adolescence and stays there until he matures out of it or he is transformed into a real adult man.  He becomes a Guy, and may never, ever transform into the Wolf Alpha or Ambitious Beta that the rank-and-file of femininity seems to favor, after it gets over the Bad Boy phase.

And that’s fucking great.  Especially once you add a well-developed Game into the mixture.

Imagine, Gentlemen, an entire nation of Guys who put down the bongs and the porn just long enough to learn Game.  They don’t even have to learn it well – imperfect Game works even better for our purposes.  Because if every feminist has to contend with a sea of vacant-eyed Betas playing the Numbers Game every night, and use known feminists as Practice Approaches, then the bright-eyed corporate warrior and her vagina are only going to see one scheming “loser” after another.  They will have an even harder time finding their Dream Alpha and becoming part of his harem, and the chances they can coerce a Bull Alpha into becoming her alimony-and-support paying ex-husband decline dramatically.

The Puerarchy is valuable because it represents all of the things that feminists (and women in general) fear most: crude, unambitious boys who just want to get in your panties, pump and dump you, and then ignore your calls and pleas for equality in favor of a 30 hour WoW marathon.  Lost Boys who never want to grow up and do what a woman tells him too ever again.  Cagey players with nothing but notches on their minds and no compunctions about treating women with apalling disrespect.  With halfway decent Game the Guys can obscure the playing field, keep the distinction between clear Alphas and cagey Betas foggy, and present the worst of male alternatives in the SMP.  The more they leer and catcall, the more they make bad pick-up attempts and run weak Game, the more collective womankind shrinks away from that possibility . . . making them even more susceptible to decent Game.  The Puerarchy lowers the bar on masculinity, in the dating realm. 

So why did I draw the comparison to the Puerarchs and the agoge?  Because the ancient Spartans were a pragmatic people.  They used the ill-behaved, violent, aggressive and belligerent boys undergoing the agoge to keep their helots (state-owned slaves) in line.  When there were stirrings of trouble amongst the servants, then the Spartan elders would permit the agoge to run wild and focus the bulk of their violently energetic inclinations upon them.  Two birds.

I’m not encouraging young guys to be purposefully crude or violent, of course.  There’s no need to.  Just “be yourselves” in that particularly nasty, adolescent way that makes your mother cringe.  Delight in the rude and course, and be resistant to obvious feminine manipulations.  Understand the rules of Single Game mechanics and then work them like a half-price rental car.  You don't have to go purposefully over-the top -- there’s no need to do anything but hit on women with wild and gleeful abandon.  Nuke some hamsters, boys.  Sow your oats.  Game their pretty panties off of them however you can.  Feed them whatever line works, and then don’t call them afterward.  Don’t even give them your real name.  Just let your wild, natural urges guide you, and let the games begin.

The Puerarchy can do a valuable service to the rest of us by helping to weed out the blatantly unsuitable potential wives.  If you want to have kids, and you're a budding Wolf Alpha, then your crew can help sort the, uh, Sexually Liberated Uninhibited Tarts from the potential Mrs. Wolf like a magnet.  The Puerarchy tests a woman and demonstrates her character through the sharp, relentless grinding of hook-up culture.  If a girl rides the Puerarchy carousel long enough, it becomes pretty clear just what kind of quality wife she’s going to be.  And what kind of ex-wife.

That’s the world of the feminist utopia, the world of sexual “equality”, Combat Dating.  Women are encouraged to behave sexually like men by feminism -- an oft-touted refrain from the lips of young sexually-active feminists is "I want to be able to make the same mistakes a dude would".  But it seems to have escaped the notice of the feminists that, unlike the nasty ol' Patriarchy, men are also free to skip the commitment element of sex with little or no consequence -- that's what the Puerarchy is based upon.  Nor is it reserved for the young, dumb, and full-of-cum -- an older man may re-enter the glorious adolescence after a divorce, for instance, or during a bachelor party.  (And it's amazing what kind of credibility an older dude in your crew can generate.)  Or he may just decided, at some point, that he was a permanent bachelor.  That a stream of casual sex and high-stakes video poker is a better deal than the prospect of wife, kids, ex-wife, repeat.

Ultimately, that's what the Puerarchy represents: the freedom of a man to drop out, to take his ball(s) and go home because he doesn't like how the girls are playing.  MGTOW blogs such as Freedom 25 have advanced the idea that a young dude doesn't have any real incentive to cooperate with the gauntlet of social expectations in the West.  Tucker Max has made a career out of it.  They've expounded on the idea that "living up to his potential" is mere code for "working like a bitch for the benefit of others".  That being happy and poor is better than being stressed and rich . . . and it gives you time to work on your golf game.  MGTOW is an existential threat to feminism.  A boy who picks up his ball and goes home is Useless to a woman.  And once they get reliable temporary vasectomies, MGTOW essentially institutionalizes the Puerarchy.  A whole subculture of stubbornly single, cocky and maddeningly alluring Lost Boys, who have little or no interest in a woman beyond her vagina.  Even if they stay celibate porn whackers, the very idea of guys sitting around, playing videogames and drinking beer and not contributing to the welfare of some woman drives some feminists insane.

(And not just feminists -- I think all women are somewhat subject to it.  Here's an experiment: find a young man who doesn't have a girlfriend or wife, and examine his lifestyle.  Then mention him to nearly any woman you know, emphasizing how unaccountable and free he is, and watch her reaction.  Women in general (YMMV) have an almost pathological response to the idea of any man, particularly a young man, enjoying himself and relaxing instead of Doing Something Useful With His Life.  Which means, Doing Something For Some Woman, be it mother, wife, girlfriend, or maiden aunt.  A man who goes his own way is a permanent threat to feminine power, because he represents a man to whom she cannot reach and influence through the Matrix.  Therefore it is their first instinct to make him accessible by hooking him up to a "good woman", and then watching her take away all of that pesky freedom and unaccountability from him and replace it with a good work ethic . . . and a vagina through whom she can thereupon count to act as a surrogate for her influence.  But I digress...)

That's the beauty of the Puerarchy: it represents a viable, and quite alluring alternative to the grinding wheel of American corporate achievement.  It gives the bewildered young Betas a place to run to and hide, a safe zone where they can objectify women with impunity and indulge in madcap shennanigans without fear of judgement or shame.  The Puerarchy is the magical island of Guys, where Porky's plays 24-7 and the three Cs are Comics, Consoles and Cooze, not Communication, Commitment, and Cunnilingus.  Its a refuge for juvenile behavior.  And as a social screening-and-filtering mechanism, it's adept at discovering which girls are worth a second look, and which are just worth a ride home in the morning.

That's because the Puerarchy is where even "good guys" hang out these days.  When the alternatives are as dire as they are, a picky dude who wants to have kids someday can lurk around the edges of the Puerarchy and discover the hidden gems among the Jersey Shore rejects.  They can scope out good potential wives while their own Sexual Capital accrues, and start the vetting process in plenty of time to find an alternate, if necessary.

 Thanks to the Puerarchy: the "good men", the strong, dedicated future family men hiding among the beer bottles and bong resin and douchey drinking buddies are virtually indistinguishable  from each other . . . and when they do finally make their selection and head for the checkout, more often than not they've passed on feminists in favor of more quality fare.  And it doesn't matter how much money a girl makes or how high she is in the organization, in the world of Combat Dating, when it comes to Happily Ever After the real deal is Alpha Prince Charming NOT going with the Strong and Independent Woman in her 30s, at the crest of their career.  They're either staying in the Puerarchy and waiting for better pickings in the company of cougars, or they're finding younger or more traditionally-minded girls to eventually marry.  From the safety of Extended Adolescence, the future Mr. Right is rewarding feminists with a pass for the Brass Ring.

As a reproductive strategy, feminism is failing.

The Great Hamster is spinning on that one already, of course, insisting that freezing their eggs is going to postpone the inevitable.  Meanwhile they're encouraging their younger peers to apply their made-up noses to the grindstone and forget about dudes, without mentioning the conflict-of-interest implicit in that advice.  But then they have a much higher opinion of themselves, often, than what the market will bear.  Making the mistake that men (should) find career achievement just as enchanting and desirable as they do, they over-estimate their SMV badly and pass on what could be good opportunities -- using every manner of rationalization why "John is a good guy but . . . y'know, I just don't think he's The One."  The reward for their intransigence and short-sightedness?  Spinsterhood.

Meanwhile, it's raining soup for young girls in the Third World.  The number of American men who marry foreign brides has skyrocketed in the age of global internet dating, and men in Western Europe are likewise searching the third world.  Being a strong breadwinner just isn't cutting it in the SMP for career women these days.  Women who have been pushing for “success” since girlhood are getting it, but they aren't getting the same level of masculine respect their male peers get from their other male peers – and they never will.  And unless they make a dramatic change in lifestyle and perspective, chances are they won't get any more dates from their male peers than they'll get personal respect.  

Don’t misunderstand: I’m not arguing that women should hang up their jobs and go home to raise the kids ala the 1850s.  That’s ludicrous.  But now that feminism has “won” the right for women to “succeed” the same way as men – economically and socially – then it is clearly in the best interests of American masculinity to treat the result as they have been presented: corporate drones who happen to have vaginas.  Competitors for the same job.  Colleagues by day and combat dating veterans by night.  You can respect a woman for the work she does and still look at her promiscuous ways and Blue Pill attitudes with open disdain in the Puerarchy.   Just watch a couple of episodes of Workaholics, and consider how "unhappy" those guys look. They might be insipid, stoned, and unambitious, but apart from their ballbuster female boss and the obsequious chubby office woman -- neither one of whom are sex interests -- there's a lack of serious female influence in their lives.  And they don't mind so much.  Fiction, true, but I know literally dozens of dudes who are still there, happily pursuing their own goals while their female peers can't find any 'good men'.  

The harder and nastier the Puerarchy acts, the better and better the “quality” men look.  A strong and vibrant Puerarchy raises a good Alpha's or strong Beta's SMV considerably by comparison.  Guys who are actually ambitious, and who devote their 20s to improving that “SMV Bonus” implicit in financial or social success, will hopefully begin to understand their true worth and value to women, and begin acting accordingly in their mating selections.  By dropping the standards of acceptable behavior, the Puerarchs elevate those who actually maintain decent social standards far above their relative station and makes them that much more attractive to the relatively small pool (about 25-30%) of women actually worth considering a LTR with.

The Puerarchy should run up the price of quality SMV dudes, and we OMGs have a reciprocal duty to cultivate and mentor those quality dudes who might make good future elders and fathers.  We should protect them and their antics – from Girls Gone Wild to I Hope They Serve Beer In Hellas much as possible in recognition of the service they provide us.  We should teach them all Game and get them temporary vasectomies and release them on the wild, unprotected herds of women.  We should endeavor to turn every Gamma loser jerk and AFC Beta into Alpha stand-ins, able to affect Alpha behavior enough to lure the opportunistic and deceitful women into view and expose them for who they are.

There really isn’t a downside.  Feminists already hate them and their disrespectful-to-women ways.  They already resent them for treating the female body like a free amusement park.  The Conservatives won’t be happy with them until they’re in Bible camp, which is unlikely.  Being more aggressive (and more successful) assholes in the dating realm isn’t going to make them hated and feared less by anyone.  Let them do their worst.  That's what they're good at, and we should not let that kind of subversive talent go to waste.  Treating women’s feelings with the same callous disregard that they use for an old game controller is second nature for these guys.  And if it leads to a reaction among their female peers that encourages them to take a good, long, post-40 look in the mirror, then that's good news for everyone.  

It’s time for men to recognize this stage of development, this evolution of a separate social-sexual class, and give it the respect and power it is due.  We need to ensure that the Puerarchy presents the most ghastly, unpalatable alternative to the sea of bumbling Betas at the mercy of hypergamous feminism available.  We need to sic shit-talking, irrationally self-confident dick-wads and asshats on collective femininity . . . and then be ready with the “boys will be boys” shrug when the feminists come screaming at us about their behavior.

If they wanted the boys under control, they shouldn’t have gotten rid of the fathers.  And yes, there's a little schadenfreude in what I write.  Reap what you sow, Ladies.  You might want your daughter to marry a sweet and caring gentleman . . . but thanks to the Puerarchy, the first 99 dudes she’ll encounter will treat her like shit as she searches for the elusive Prince Charming.  No matter how hardcore a feminist a woman is, when it comes to her love life she always wants "a gentleman" who will be her Happily Ever After -- whether she deserves it or not.  The Puerarchy helps ensure she doesn't get the gentleman she doesn't deserve.  Because you can’t just “become” a gentleman, or take your mother’s lectures about respect for women seriously when she’s clearly batshit insane on so many other topics and be a gentleman . . . no, you have to be taught how and why to be a gentleman by another gentleman by another man.

And if you don’t know why . . . then you don’t properly understand the term “gentleman”.  Women can encourage a man to be a gentleman…they can’t make him into a gentleman.  That kind of masculine transformation requires a mature male – we use the term “father”.  And there are damn few of us left, thanks to feminism.

Feminism’s ultimate goal is, of course, to “tame” these Lost Boys with just that kind of matronly lecture about respecting women.  If they shame them enough, the theory goes, and turn as many men against the poor behavior as possible, then they can get these wild Guys under control and back in trade school where they belong, ready to pick out their first ex-wives.  But that plan includes “recruiting” men of “good conscience” (Blue Pill White Knights) who the Guys are supposed to listen to when they say “Hey, that sexism ain’t cool, Bro!”. 

Thing is . . . the Puerarchy knows sexism is cool.  They know getting laid by beautiful women is cool.  They know that being obnoxious, sexists jerks might get them laid, and it might not, but those aren't bad odds and the fun just never stops.  And they're not about to respect what a gender-betraying mangina has to say about the matter, because men only listen to the opinions of men they respect . . . and it's hard to respect a knee-jerk White Knight about anything.  The Puerarchy doesn't mind shame.  They're used to it.  They're immune, thanks to getting healthy doses of it growing up.  They ignore it for the rejection it is, and they have another beer.  

Far from condemning these lads, we should be praising them for their rambunctious ways and encourage their understanding of Single Game until every sophomore Guy at a State university can talk any ball-busting future corporate drone out of her panties . . . and then screw her best friend without even calling her.  Neg every pretty Alpha-hunting woman in sight and use your obnoxious exuberance to embarrass them to the point of tears.   Nuke hamsters left and right with callous disregard of feminine emotions.  Reward feminine behavior with your respect, and non-feminine behavior with your scorn and ridicule.  When a woman tells you proudly she’s a feminist, laugh loudly, shake your head, and go talk to another girl without another word.  And if you do end up with a feminist . . . fuck her good, leave her to the walk of shame, and ignore her afterwards.

Cruel?  Sure.  But no more cruel than the feminist attack on our fathers a generation ago.  Thanks to the anti-masculinism of feminism in the 1970s and 1980s, we got a whole generation of timid, weak-willed, distant or missing dads, men who ended up shells of their masculine potential.  Now, thanks to the Puerarchy that resulted, we might have a generation of sexually frustrated, jaded and angry feminist daughters whose chances of marriage and reproduction are, frankly, as good as the chance I had in High School to ask the Homecoming Queen to prom.  We’ll have a generation of corporate drones with vaginas and baby-rabies who have been sold the horrible bill of goods that men are things to be used and traded up, that their looks will last forever (and shouldn’t matter to boys anyway), and that their financial and corporate success should make them more attractive mates (quite the contrary).

And while the Puerarchs are doing awful, awful Tucker Max impersonations and screaming “show us your tits!” at feminist consciousness-raising seminars, we OMGs just need to shake our heads, put our hands in our pockets, and observe with undisguised pleasure the subversive antics of the Puerarchy.  We didn’t make this happen – feminism did.  We aren’t responsible for the Puerarchy, they are.  And there’s no need for us to feel guilty or responsible for the poor behavior of the Puerarchs toward women . . . we should feel a kind of perverse pride.  Because half of those dudes will pull it out by the time their 30 and become decent family men and gentlemen. 

The other half . . . they’re our agoge, our Lost Boys, our wild youths who keep the women scared, insecure, and ready to seek the protection of real Men.  We are silent partners with them in this emerging world of marriage and dating, and by supporting each other tacitly and working in tandem against the other side, we can help influence the SMP far more than we could merely learning Game individually, after the time which it would have done us the most good is long past. 

If the Puerarchy is the alternative to the Patriarchy, then don’t shy away from our younger brothers and sons who are enjoying their youth and freedom, Gentlemen, support them. 

Give the feminists the Puerarchy they created with their ideology . . . good and hard.


  1. Sorry to spoil your delusion, but females really don't have secret meetings where they discuss how to destroy men. You really think that after ten years of "doing nothing" they will get up one morning and be decent men. They sound like male versions of "entitled princesses". Encouraging this in either sexes is stupid.

    1. Hi edcatra-

      Maybe I can give you a bit of perspective, since I'm a proud member of the puerarchy? (Awesome word, by the way. What's the greek mean?). I'm 28, single, I make a decent living doing skilled contract work, and I would sooner stick my hand down a running garbage disposal than settle down and get married.

      A little background for you: my parents were divorced, and my dad is a typical beta. I grew up seeing him suck up to my domineering stepmom, and try and wheedle and plead to keep her happy. I still cringe thinking of it. Have you ever seen a grown 6'3'' man cower before a woman because she didn't like the sandwich he brought her? It's disgusting.

      I hang with a geeky crowd, and I've seen them suffer every indignity imaginable at the hands of women they've trusted. Too much detail here would identify me, but I saw a good friend have his life ruined (I.E. Jail time) because a woman lied to the police about him. He went from a 50k a year job to working the bathroom at a shitty club. Another was ready to get married to a girlfriend he thought he'd knocked up when she suddenly had a "miscarriage" and packed up and left. He was going through some things after she'd gone, when he found an ultrasound dated the week before they'd met. As near as we can tell she'd been looking for a provider beta for her baby, and when she thought he wasn't up to the job she had an abortion. Another was dropped by a girlfriend for not being "interesting" enough. Another cuckolded. Etc. etc. etc.

      Now, I've never had anything bad happen to me personally, but after all I've seen I've given up on marriage and the female gender as a whole. Why on Earth would I want to settle down with a woman, when a word from her to the cops can throw me in jail? When I can't ever know for certain that the kid is mine? When a divorce could take half my income or more?

      I think about my granddad a lot these days. He was married for over 65 years. I don't think I ever saw him more than 30-40 feet away from his wife, who adored him. He had kids and grandkids who loved him. A classic patriarch. If I could be anybody in the world, I'd want to be like him. But I look around me and I know that's never gonna happen. If I get married, I'll end up divorced, paying a giant chunk of my income in alimony and child support and going to jail if I lose my job. Maybe a super-alpha like Ian Ironwood, Athol Kay or Vox Day can pull it off, but I'm a beta at best.

      So the second best alternative is puerarchy. I get up late, do 3-4 hours of work, 2-3 hours of exercise. Then the rest of the day is mine to screw around on the net, play videogames, read, whatever I feel like. Is it ideal? Hell no. But I have time, money, and a nest egg, and I don't have to worry about losing them because some woman isn't happy.

      Society's set up a system where settling down, having kids, and becoming productive is for gods among men, or chumps who want to get screwed. So screw being a "decent man". Screw it with a cactus, up the ass.

      I'll be poolside.

    2. Puerarchy - the rule of boys. So Puerarch - boy-king, boy-ruler.

      P.S. Ian, encouraging Puerarchy is a scorched earth response to feminism. No matter how justified, no matter how appropriate (and I do believe that is it justified and it is appropriate), scorched earth response has one feature - earth stays scorched even after the war has been won.

    3. @Delichon I agree.

      @Faust The idea is not for you too become a "decent man" so you could get married, but for your self. Screw women, they should be a ad on to your life, not the focus of it. If your trying to be a "good man" for the approval of women then it is a wrong reason to do it.

      I have a traumatic past as well which is so god damn difficult to kick out.

      If your life makes you content, good for you. I on the other hand have lot of Puerarchy friends who can't keep from whining how miserable they are and it's getting on my nerves.

    4. puer = boy (Latin)
      -archy = rule by (Greek)

      so this is actually one of those messed up neologism's that mixes languages

    5. +1 for Faust's post. All the same metrics here. No amount of claiming otherwise will change the reality of what men are doing at our age. I am proud to opt out of a system that has been designed to destroy me.

  2. Replies
    1. You wound me sir! Raise your sword.

  3. Classic. You really ought to organise these essays into a book.

  4. An interesting read. Its easy to demonize feminism's ambitions, and yet I can't quite judge a full story. I think there's more going on outside the reproductive quest into the economic sphere, although I have deep sympathy for the beta males who bought the marriage story and that hard work and discipline for men and easy divorce for women who want to upgrade, while still expecting their ex's to keep up their end of the child support/rearing on their own.

    But my personal interest in Puerarchy comes from Daniel Quinn, who sees a greater destructiveness of modern civilization and that "dropping out" is a valid lifestyle alternative to debt-slavery-until-death that becomes more and more necessary to "get ahead". So liberalism and feminism are the "progressive" realms of answers that can't be questioned, and any facts that contract the necessary conclusions must be wrong.

    So if we're going to abandon a generation into Puerarchy as convenient footsoldiers against the progressive war for women's sensabilities, then at some point we actually want men aware and willing to fight for something else. But in the meantime I admit I'm fully attracted to the "low budget lifestyle" of bachelors, as more helpful than the debt-slavery approach, and when TSHTF of social chaos, those most invested in status quo (through wealth or debt speculations) will be on the wrong side of history of something that must be abandoned, and its the "drop outs" who might be most ready to see the modern predicament and look for what will come next, for good or bad.

    I suppose I'm still in bed with the feminists, but maybe without their necessary ends. My ends come down to "How do you create excellence in an era of decline and instability?" I think of Richard Bach's "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", a free-thinker living in a flock living in a garbage dump and authoritarian leaders saying "This is how things have to be." and Jonathan abandons the competition game, and instead devotes his time to learning the mastery of flight, not just for food, but for self-expression. Unfortunately Bach was ahead of his time, and didn't have a vision between garbage dump economics of survival and self-destruction for personal enlightenment.

    The idea of "Game" is new to me, but its obviously something that applies beyond sexual competition, but how to live well in a dying culture, how not to get sucked into a false narrative that takes away your power to choose your own destiny.

    I guess what's liberating to me is we have some 7 billion people on earth, and so for men and women both, growing more quantity of consumers isn't a liberating game, but taking our surpluses and directing creative efforts to a billion different ways to live, and when TSHTF, evolution of culture will hit a peak, as "success" will be those who adapted and were ready to change, when necessary change comes.

    I feel one of the lucky ones, no kids, never married, tech job and always had more to give because of my detachment. I'm not against women nor do I want their despair, but I would support a bit of disillusionment, to encourage their own path to deepen.

  5. From XKCD

    Likewise, I see an element of "why is some woman telling me what it means to be a man?" along with the desperation and "dropping out."

    Similar to "why do women keep letting gay men tell them what 'sexy' means."

  6. @edcatra

    You misunderstood. Read the post again.

  7. I must thank Mr Ironwood for an article that made me feel really (and I mean REALLY) good about myself and the situation I find myself in. Red Pill articles have tended to be kind of bitter pill articles but your writing made it really sweet, deliciously so, for the first time. Ive been a bong hitting, PC gaming, shift worker that spends his free cash on graphic novels and off-road cycling (no car) ever since I quit my trade journo job and downshifted a few years ago. Long hours and stress for low pay didn't impress the ladies one bit and looking back that was one of the main reasons I decided to throw in the towel. I'm 36 and my retirement plan consists of waiting for my parents to pass on leave me their smallholding as I wouldn't touch the stock market with a barge pole. Following my decision the shaming and accusations of selfishness have indeed been something that came to pass, mostly directed from my now former "beta-orbitees" (what would be the term there?) who were disgusted at my rebellion. One of them, a carousel rider of note, I have since discovered had designated me as her backup sperm doner and cash donkey if she failed to snag herself an Alpha. Bio-clock panic is setting in amoung my former owners and I gotta admit it's comical to observe though a haze of Big Buddha Cheese.
    The funniest thing is that my second boyhood has made me much more appealing to girls in their late teens and early twenties and I'm certainly doing better with this age cohort my second time around.
    Puerarchy may be a scorched earth policy but hey, the urge to destroy is a creative urge too, to quote Bakunin.

    Its only when you destroy everything, that you're free to be anything. - Durden

  8. Still going through the archive. I really liked this post from an objective and subjective lens. On one hand, I like the idea of a personal libertarianism. I'm not super fond of the guys you're describing, but hey, it's a free country, and let's be honest - they're not forcing women to sleep with them ;). On the subjective - well, it makes me think that's it's the male equivalent of a female shit test - and just like men have to pass by ignoring it, women can use the same strategy (as you point out) to pass as well.

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  10. Actually, nevermind my critisims in your patriarchy 2.0 post . This is brilliant! Keep doing this! More americans need to see this! спасибо за создание нашего будущего работу так просто.

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  13. Awesome. Gonna huck candies at batshit feminists now.

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