Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Manosphere: A New Hope For Masculinity Is Now Live!


The Manosphere book went live on Kindle last night, just before midnight.

The story of how the book came to be, came to be written, and then how it went through a gazillion editions before, alas, I was forced to publish it myself (it wasn't rejected, exactly . . . it's complicated) is freakin' epic.

If I promised you a review copy and you haven't received one, email me.  I'm a little out of it.

The book is not intended to be exhaustive -- it's an intro and a survey, not an in-depth study, even at a robust 270,000 words.  The number of bloggers and experts on various things I mention is vast, yet there is still so, so much more of the perpetually-evolving Manosphere to chart.  This is intended as a place to begin the journey, not end it.

Among the notables quoted within are:

Hugh Hefner
Robert Bly
Camille Paglia
Ferdinan Bardimu
The Society of Phineas
Dr. Albert Mohler
Kevin Deride
William Bennett
Christy Krumm
The Private Man
Hailey of Hailey’s Halo
Sexo Grammaticus
Cath Eliot
Warren Farrell
The Spearhead.
A Voice for Men
Roger O. Thornhill
John the Other
Jack Donovon
Michael Kimmel
Sam Keen
George Lucas
Peggy Noonan
Rollo Tomassi
Hugo Schwyzer
Susan Walsh
Dr. Andrea Doulcet
Sara Ruddick
Suzanne Bianchi
Good Men Project
National Organization of Women
Joe Kelly
Jenny Thalheimer
James Poniewozik
Emily Goulding
Chloe Angyal
Neil Shyminski
Dr. Roy F. Baumeister
Average Married Dad
Erik von Markovic
Neil Strauss
Jonathan Frost
Liza Mundy
Kasey Edwards
Andrea Dworkin
Dr. Philip Zimbardo
Nikita Duncan
Joe Francis
Victor Assange
Tucker Max
John Gray, PhD
Dr. Helen Fisher
Dr. Emily Nagoski
Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam
Dr. Vicki Levkoff
Bill Powell
Marina DelVecchio
Athol Kay
And many more!

So check it out, review it, tell me if you think it sucks, tell your friends if you think it's good, and generally let me know I haven't been spinning my wheels for the last two years on this project.

More promo stuff to come, but I thought I'd at least let y'all know.  Oh, and I uploaded it yesterday in honor of my brother Sylvester's birthday.  Happy b-day, li'l bro!

The POD version should be ready in plenty of time for giving a copy to Dad on Father's Day (fingers crossed) but I will probably release more versions on more platforms as time goes on.

Oh, and very, very little of it is recycled blog content.  Just sayin'.  I wouldn't charge you that much if most of it wasn't new material.

(Oh, and my editor killed a few quotes . . . including John Scalzi's.  The note said (??? Not important or well known enough to be of interest - cut).  Life's hard out here for a Gammarabbit.)


  1. Congrats. Just placed my order.

  2. Seconded. Just placed mine. Looking forward to the read.

  3. you totally promised me a review copy...for

    1. I totally did. I totally suck. I'll send it as soon as I get home. Sorry, Joe!

    2. Damnit Ironwood, you actually sent it

      Yer an all right bloke. Now I feel inclined to give you money

      (But you knew that, didn't you)

      I'll even kick in some Japanese hotspring porn as a tip

    3. I've got more porn than I can watch in a lifetime, and don't worry about the money: just spread the word.

  4. Congrats on a huge accomplishment, I'll be reading it soon

  5. Congrats. Just purchased!

  6. Congratulations.

    Will purchase tomorrow. Looks like 270 pages at 1000 words/page each?

    Either way, I hope you can get it in the bigger stores online accounts.

  7. Badass. Finished most of it over lunch and dinner. I've been waiting for a long time for this book and it didn't disappoint.

    Saw a couple minor things you may want to correct, since it's so easy to do with kindle.

    Locations 960 and 1039 : woMen's Rights should be "women's rights".

    Location 822: Millions died in every part of the world, not merely on a few select battlefields as had been the case in WWII.

    WWII should be WWI, I think?

    Minor, but if you get a chance to fix them you may as well. Thanks for writing such an important book.

  8. Congrats,

    First "review" was from a hater.

    1. I saw. I handled it. At least they bought a copy

  9. I reported the review by Feminist_Gynocracy as innappropriate.

  10. Obviously I deserve a review copy, especially since you "borrowed" some of the wording in your description of the manosphere from me.

    1. Although I look with skepticism any time a man says he "deserves" something, I would be more than happy to provide you with a review copy. Consider it done.

      And as any real professional writer knows, when you steal from more than three people it's "research", not "plagiarism". But I do have to honor and comment you, Dave, for helping define the Manosphere. You really have been instrumental.

  11. Gentlemen,
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    The remedy has now been available 2.5 times as long as it took to develop and has proved uniquely unpopular. I am hated for even talking about it. The blood of every man who kills himself due to criminal abuse in the family courts is on the hands of those perhaps 100,000+ men who have heard from me and done nothing. I did all I could. They did not. It is actually very simple.

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  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Cool. Congrats on getting the book out.

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