Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Manosphere review over at stagedreality

Wanted to give a shout-out and point out a review (first!) of the Manosphere book, over at stagedreality by blogger Leap of Beta.  I won't add too much to what he's said -- it stands on its own -- but I accept the criticism as eagerly as I do the praise.

While we both come from different backgrounds and we're at different stages in our lives, with different values and different perspectives, we're both men in this century, and by participating in the Manosphere we help bring other men to wisdom and maturity.  And how to get mad poon.

The book really grew out of the 2011 debate that tried to define the Manosphere as either a MRA phenomenon or a PUA phenomenon.  While both had outstanding claims to the role, the fact is that the Manosphere is bigger than both of them, and is inclusive of both of them, plus plenty of other dudes who were some mixture of both of those and more.  The Manosphere exists, and will continue to develop, as a 21st century vault of wisdom and debate about masculinity and a means of the un-fathered to help initiate themselves into the company of mature men.  Or just get mad poon.

Thanks again to Leap of Beta, whose own blog is worthy of checking out regardless of what he says about me.


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  3. Son (the Anonymous above) - you've got some serious problems.

  4. Ian,

    Is your book available in the printed form or only as a Kindle file?
    Are Kindles files readable on other eBook readers or does one have to have a Kindle?


  5. Iron sharpens iron.

    There's stuff to be gained for anyone in the book. As you said when describing feminists, many of us in any part of the sphere know more about feminism than most feminists do. We've had to, as we've had to fight against it. The most valuable thing I gained from this book was knowing the background of the parts of the Manosphere that held no direct personal interest for me, so that I don't fall into that same trap that they do on a regular basis.

  6. Son the Anonymous above you've got some serious problems.

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