Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pinterest: What It Really Means

Pinterest, if you are unaware - and let's hope to Zeus Pater you are - Pinterest is a website devoted to . . . well, putting up pretty pictures of stuff you want.  It's a point-and-click coveting scheme, a means of displaying conspicuous consumption of things you wish you had, to demonstrate your good taste.  Needless to say, the site is packed to the gunwales with women who want to impress other women with stuff they don't actually have.

In other words, it's essentially a scrapbooking site . . . for people too lazy to actually take the trouble to scrapbook.  You just point, click, and BAM!  Instant taste and charm.

Now, it's easy to see why this site has a great appeal to women - it's a function of the Female Social Matrix, in which women are positioned in part by the admiration they get from other women.  In the Olden Days, a few years ago, ladies were forced to do this by actually going out and buying things and arranging things and painting things -- remember Trading Spaces?

No more.  Now you just point . . . and click.  Instant taste.  Instant admiration.  Instant gratification.   Of course there is a social marketing component -- you have to share your taste in order to receive gratification.   Your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and strangers on the internet can inspect and approve and compliment you on the stuff you would have bought, if you could have, or wanted to, or had the energy or . . . you know, do anything but sit on Pinterest and mindlessly point and click their way into demonstrating an independent sense of style.  But women actually brag about the "pins" they've acquired and shared.  Think of it as the feminine equivalent of fishing . . . on the Wii.

While I enjoy a good estrogen-fest as much as the next dude who watches porn all day, there comes a point where the chiffon prom dresses and the stylish patio sets with the perfectly-matched picnicware and the luxurious bedroom suite that cost more than your present home just gets to you.  I know it got to me.

So I went down to the dungeon of Stately Ironwood Manor and put the Flying Monkeys on it.  And being bored, and tired of attempting to recreate the complete works of Shakespeare banging on the one sorry typewriter I have, because, c'mon, Amazon?  So they came up with a few small little tokens ("pins") related to the Red Pill and the Manosphere.  Because, y'know, Pinterest should really be introduced to the Manosphere.  I'm sure we'll get along famously.  

Trade 'em, collect 'em, make your own, share them all over the place and watch some folks squirm.  Because a subversive Puerarchy is an effective Puerarchy.

So . . . if you have a Pinterest account, or just want to piss off a bunch of prissy girls who think a pink and teal granite countertop is worth damp panties, then start "pinning" these things and make some of your own.

Really.  The Monkeys assure me it is quite therapeutic. Enjoy.


  1. These are hysterical! You have a follower.

  2. Do.Not.Understand.Pinterest. Does.Not.Compute. As Mugatu said in Zoolander: "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!" that people actually do this. Is there a point besides being a time waster? Does anyone read books anymore?

  3. @AverageMarriedDad- I personally use Pinterest to store my recipes, homemaking how-tos and resources, as well as party and holiday ideas. Well, and other things like pretty pictures of flowers and women I'd like to look like. But mostly Pinterest has been an awesome organizational tool for me on top of offering some new ideas for how to run a house make a good pie crust, get crayon off of wood, etc.

  4. Oh, and you all of heard of Manteresting, right?

    -the second anon, not the first

  5. Ooooh, now this is a tasty idea. Shall commence causing trouble forthwith!

  6. Brillant Ian. Simply brillant. Just correct the spelling error on the MGTOW one.

  7. Google “sex pinterest.”

    (Ian changes his mind about Pinterest)

    Cat Lady

  8. I've always enjoyed the images on your site.

    Eff Pinterest (eff means Fuck that shit).


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