Saturday, January 12, 2013

Alpha Move: Write A Book On Alpha Moves

Know a Beta who is on the edge of opening his eyes?  Know a dude in a relationship who would really, really benefit from this blog, but "doesn't do blogs"?  Need a concentrated dose of Ian you can keep on your Kindle?

Announcing the release of the Ironwood Collection of Alpha Moves, Kindle Edition!  Cobbled together from some of my better and more-popular Alpha Moves over the last year, this collection of things you can do to raise your Alpha in your marriage without recourse to a gun show is ideal for the man just starting on his Red Pill journey -- and the women who want them!

Featuring 16 outstanding Alpha Moves you can work into your routine without raising a whip or an eyebrow, see how Ian suggests you inject Alpha into your own daily life!

Includes the edited-for-publication versions of Dude, Got A Minute? and the complete de-construction of the Perfect Red Pill Date in eight chapters, for those of you who may have missed it!  But that's not all . . .

, , , the Ironwood Collection of Alpha Moves includes THREE previously-unpublished Alpha Moves, including:

Hew A Mighty Log!
Mission, Impossible!
and Do Her At A Wedding!

The Ironwood Collection makes an outstanding gift, a valuable Red Pill reference, or just something funny to read while you're in the can!  And just how much is this slender, 50,000 word tome?  Less than the cost of a pack of smokes!  (Aren't you glad I didn't say "a cup of coffee"?  I hate that).  For a mere $4.99 you can start some poor unfortunate Beta on the road toward Red Pill wisdom and a deeper sense of his own masculinity!  Plus, he'll get laid more and stop whining!  Win-win!

It just went up this morning, so tell your friends, tell your co-workers, just don't tell your angry feminist supervisor or your domineering sister-in-law!

Oh, and I totally threw this together in a week, after getting more requests for this sort of thing than I thought were warranted.  But it doesn't suck.  Promise.


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  2. Well done sir. You have done a lot of good for a lot of people. Buying a copy is just good manners at this point.

  3. Bought a copy for the Captain! Thank you, sir :)

  4. Ian, any chance you can release as a PDF? Don't have a Kindle but would love to read.

  5. BTW, not available on the Canadian Amazon store. I had to switch my account over to the US store just to buy it. For the benefit of your readers, could you distribute internationally?

    1. It is, it just takes Kindle a day or so to get it into their various international markets. I'm also planning a .pdf version, and possibly even a Smashwords version.

    2. I'll second Matt's comment. Since I don't have a Kindle (and not planning on getting one any time soon) I'll definitely be looking forward to when the version comes out (paperback or pdf, although my personal preference is paperback).

      As an aside Ian, if/when you do get around to the version wouldn't a paperback version be better? A pdf version seems to be ripe for BitTorrent/P2P piracy & lost profits.